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Pippen May Comeback?

Scottie Pippen, who along with Michael Jordan, helped turn the Bulls into a dynasty by winning six championships may come out of retirement.

Brennen Jones




It’s not quite the impact of Michael Jordan’s famous return to basketball in 1995, but Scottie Pippen is seriously considering a comeback and hopes to play for a contending team in this season’s playoffs.

Pippen, who turned 41 on Sept. 25, says he’s in better condition and health than at any time in the last five years. And in the Eastern Conference, his veteran presence could change the balance of power and be a major influence in the playoffs.

I mean the man had game, but I don’t know about this one.  Do you think he could pull it off.  What do you think?

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Michael Bennett on Arrest: I Was Profiled, But Not All Police Are Bad

Super Bowl champion and Seahawks’ defensive end Michael Bennett said he was assaulted and threatened at gunpoint by police during a chaotic incident in Las Vegas last month, and he now is exploring his legal options.

TUT Staff



Michael Bennett elaborated more during a press conference, about a video that showed him being aggressively arrested in Las Vegas after the Mayweather Vs. McGregor fight.

The Seahawks star told the media, “It sucks that the country we live in now sometimes you get profiled for the color of your skin. It’s a tough situation for me. Do I think every police officer is bad? No. I don’t believe that. Do I believe that there’s some people out there that are judging people on the color of their skin? I do believe that. I’m just focused on trying to push forward and keep continuously … the quest for justice for people. Keep pushing the quality for oppressed people.”

He went on to further state, “I’m just lucky to be here to be able to speak about it. At any moment I could’ve made the wrong decision or rather move and felt like I was resisting or doing something wrong and you guys would be wearing, the Seahawks would be wearing the patch with No. 72 on it. So I’m just lucky to be here right now to be able to continuously fight for people, fight for the equality of all people regardless of their color, regardless of their gender.”

You can check out the full press conference below.

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LaVar Ball’s New Family Reality Show is Coming to Facebook

Can LaVar Ball’s boastful antics and familial dramas draw a TV-size audience for Facebook?

TUT Staff






article>LaVar Ball has been surprisingly quiet throughout the month of August. Outside of taking a couple shots at Michael Jordan and taking part in a shooting contest with Ice Cube at a Big3 event, the Ball family patriarch has more or less stayed out of the spotlight. But that’s all about to change.

Ball managed to score a deal with Facebook back in June that would allow him to produce a reality show called Ball in the Family.  The first two episodes, which is a docu-series about LaVar Ball, his basketball whiz-kid sons, and his wife, will premiere Aug. 31 on the social platform. The show was funded by Facebook and produced by Bunim-Murray Productions, the company that brought you reality-TV shows like Keeping Up With the Kardashians and The Real World.

After tomorrow’s debut, new episodes of Ball in the Family will be available every Sunday beginning on Sept. 10.

Ball in the Family

The Ball family is changing the game on and off the court. Meet LaVar, Tina, and their three sons– all born to go pro. For LaVar, it’s all going to plan. But in life, there are some things you just can’t prepare for. Watch only on Facebook.

Posted by Ball In The Family on Tuesday, August 29, 2017

Judging by the trailer, this looks like a pretty entertaining project. In the clip above, you can see everything from LaVar going off on LaMelo for not taking an AAU game seriously enough, to Lonzo talking with his girlfriend Denise Garcia about how their lives are going to change now that he’s in the NBA, to LaVar working with his wife as she rehabilitates from a stroke.

“We wanted to give our fans an unfiltered look into our lives and show them a side of us that isn’t typically seen,” LaVar said in a statement issued on Wednesday.

Seeing as how LaVar and his family have literally been everywhere this summer, it seems unlikely that we’re going to see anything that surprises us too much.

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Showtime Facing Class-Action Lawsuit For Poor Quality Mayweather-McGregor Streams

Those who actually paid for Mayweather-McGregor fight and got poor streams may be able to recoup their losses.

TUT Staff



While people who illegally streamed Saturday night’s Mayweather-McGregor fight could soon find themselves in trouble, those who actually coughed up their 100 bucks and did things by the book may have been screwed over by Showtime and UFC.TV because of poor quality or not-working streams.

If this happened to you, and if you happen to live in Oregon, you may be able to add your name to a class-action lawsuit. We say that because, according to the Hollywood Reporter, Zack Bartel of Portland, Oregon brought about such a suit after he plopped down $99 on the Showtime app for a high definition feed, but instead got what he describes as “grainy video, error screens, buffer events, and stalls.

Bartel is suing Showtime for “unlawful trade practices and unjust enrichment,” because he claims the company failed to acquire the bandwidth necessary to accommodate the massive quantity of cord-cutting fans.

“Instead of being upfront with consumers about its new, untested, underpowered service, defendant caused likelihood of confusion and misunderstanding as to the source and quality of the HD video consumers would see on fight night,” attorney Michael Fuller said in a complaint that was filed in an Oregon federal court late Saturday night. “Defendant intentionally misrepresented the quality and grade of video consumers would see using its app, and knowingly failed to disclose that its system was defective with respect to the amount of bandwidth available, and that defendant’s service would materially fail to conform to the quality of HD video defendant promised.”

Bartel is seeking the higher total of either $200 in statutory damages, or whatever the amount turns out to be for actual damages. Assuming you want to, you can read the entire 18-page complaint over at THR.

Showtime’s Senior V.P. of Sports Communications, Chris DeBlasio, suggested that anyone who had issues should contact their service provider, though he also added that the network will be handling complaints from people who ordered through Showtimeppv.com or the ShowtimePPV app. “We have received a very limited number of complaints,” he said. “[And we] will issue a full refund for any customer who purchased the event directly from Showtime and were unable to receive the telecast.”

As for the UFC, they said on Tuesday, in a statement that Dana White himself signed off on, that they’d refund the dough to any fan who couldn’t access their stream after purchasing the fight on UFC.TV:

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