Beyonce: Jay-Z Was My First!

Beyonce says Jay was her first. Anything’s possible.
You're telling me that no one has taken a sip from your cup B?

Beyonce’ just pulled the wool over my eyes for real.  I really didn’t see this coming…for real!  But to be honest, I like Bey and all, but right now I’m hurt.  I feel like she trying to play me for a sucka.

Hot off the presses and this news is spreading like wildfire, that Beyonce’ was a virgin until she got with Jay-Z…or so she claims.

She recently revealed to the Los Angeles Confidential magazine that she has never had a break-up, because Jay-Z was her “first relationship”.  This remark has left many wondering now was this an insinuation that hubby Jay-Z was the fortunate one who could have taken her virginity.

The two, who reportedly began dating as early as 2001 or even before according to reports when Bey Knowles was a young 19 years old, got married years after courting in April of 2008, which rumors of a marriage between the two actually started up sometime between 2005-2006, again, according to reports.

Beyonce was featured on a Jay-Z  single entitled 03 Bonnie & Clyde back in late 2002 and reportedly became Beyoncé’s first top ten single as a solo artist since her group effort with Destiny’s Child.

The now 27-year-old Beyoncé Giselle Knowles-Carter, wifey of rapper Jay-Z, real name Shawn Corey Carter, revealed to the Los Angeles Confidential magazine that while she sings songs that may help women get through break-ups, she herself has never had a break-up, because Jay-Z was her first relationship.

“Well, fortunately I haven’t had any break-ups! This [her marriage to Jay Z] is my first relationship,” stated Bey when asked whose songs help her get through heartache the way her songs do for her fans.

According to celebrity dating and relationships website Who’s Dating Who, Beyonce reportedly dated rapper Nas, actor Shemar Moore, Kobe Bryant in 1998, Marques Houston in 2000, Eminem in 2001, and Pharrell Williams in 2002 which is around the same times she reportedly started dating rapper and current husband Jay-Z.

So though Beyonce’s statement to Los Angeles Confidential seems contradictive of web reports which claim that the singer has dated multiple past celebrities, it must be that Beyonce either didn’t date them at all or didn’t “date” them or she just simply didn’t consider dating them a relationship.

Something  just doesn’t add up with this ‘confession”.  This is something that someone shouldn’t even have to lie about.  Why did she even bring this up in the first place?  YOU know people are going to dig for more dirt on if whether or not she’s telling the truth.  And I guess the saying is surely true “that sex sales”, because how can someone who hasn’t been having sex be flaunting her goods every chance she got instead of preaching abstinence?

I guess you live and you learn and she learned from Britney and definitely didn’t want go down that road.

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