‘Dark Knight Rises’ Trailer: Occupy Gotham

The new Batman Trailer has finally been released and has some severe “Occupy Wall street” undertones.
Dark Knight Rises

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Christopher Nolan has just released the official trailer for “Batman Rises”, the third and final film in the Nolanverse trinity of films and from the look of it, the film is as political if not more political than its predecessors

In “The Dark Knight,” Nolan offered a critique of the war on terror with Batman illegally tapping into people’s phones searching for Joker the terrorist.   It appears that by the trailer released even though it doesn’t much with the plot that “The Dark Knight Rises” is clearly all about Occupy Wall street Gotham.

Selena Kyle (aka Catwoman, aka Anne Hathaway) delivers the point home, telling Bruce Wayne that he and the rest of Gotham’s wealthy are about to face a “storm,” led by a hulking man in a mask named Bane (Tom Hardy), as images of mansions being ransacked plays over the scene.

The trailer also gives us a look at Gotham’s professional football team played by members of the Pittsburgh Steelers, including Hines Ward who apparently out-runs an earthquake that miraculously stops its destruction at the end zone.  The trailer also gives you glimpses a flying Batmobile, and mysterious glimpses of Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Marion Cotillard.

“The Dark Knight Rises” opens everywhere July 20, 2012.

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