Beyonce And Jay-Z Choose Oprah Winfrey As Blue Ivy’s God Mother ?

Beyonce and Jay-Z have chosen Oprah Winfrey as Blue Ivy’s God mother. Jay-Z’s tour manager, Ty Ty Smith, has also been chosen as Blue Ivy’s God father.
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Blue Ivy Carter has got to be one of the luckiest children in the world and could not ask for any other life. Her parents are 2 of the biggest selling recording artists in the entire world and in addition to this; she will also get a super God mum, Oprah Winfrey the famous talk show host as well as one of the richest women in the world.

Marie Claire revealed that Jay Z and Beyonce did not want to have god parents who were related to them, and that led to their decision to pick Oprah as Blue Ivy’s God mother.  The infamous talk show host is now responsible for Blue Ivy’s well being incase anything ever happens to her parents.

Ty Ty Smith, Jay Z’s tour manager and best friend, was chosen as Blue Ivy’s God father.  A number of fans are surprised to find out that Oprah and Beyonce are quite close; most would expect a former Destiny’s child member or even her sister who is already a mother to be named at the god mother.  Since her birth, Blue Ivy has managed to stay in the headline which is quite impressive for someone who is so young.

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