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The App ‘Dream: ON’ Lets You Choose What To Dream About

The new app ‘Dream: ON’ allows you to control, monitor and share your dreams. You can choose from different ‘soundscapes’ to find the right dream for the night – something relaxing like ‘Rainforest’ or a dream ‘On The Run’.



dream on

dream on
If you think there is an app for almost everything you are absolutely right. Now you can download an app to control, monitor and share your dreams. Professor Richard Wiseman of the University of Hertfordshire in the UK just created an English version of the Japanese dream-app.

The English app is called ‘Dream: ON’ and is designed to monitor your movements during your sleep and to play ‘soundscapes’ while you are in Rapid-Eye Movement (REM) sleep. The ‘soundscapes’ are supposed to help you create the dreams you want to dream about.

How it works: Before you go to sleep you choose from the Dream Store a dream you like. If you like to sleep ‘on the edge’ you can download a dream called ‘On The Run’ in which you are running to or away from something. If you like to sleep a little more relaxed you can choose the ‘Relaxing Rainforest’ dream. This dream also claims to be a more lucid dream. If you dream it you might be able to remember or even control it while dreaming. Every dream costs additional $0.99.

The next thing you need to do is to choose the time you want to wake up and the alarm tone. Plug your iPhone into the electricity, press start and place the phone face down on the edge of your bed – somewhere under the edge of your pillow. And then start dreaming.

The app will start playing gently your chosen ‘soundscape’ after you’re lying still, are sleeping and in dream-mode. The music will then influence your subconscious and hopefully help you dream what the ‘soundscape’ promises. The next morning you can actually share your dream experience on Twitter or Facebook, to prove or not that it is possible to control your dreams. To be part of the experiment if you actually can influence your dreams or not you can download the starter pack of the app for free – including 2 free ‘soundscapes’ and an alarm tone.

I haven’t tried the app yet but I’m asking myself already how I’m gonna make my husband agree on a dream for the night, if I can’t even make him agree on a TV program for the evening? But I’m sure there will be an app for it soon – right?