Chinese McDonald’s Introduces Symbolic Black And White ‘Yin-Yang’ Burger Meal

McDonald’s restaurants in China plan to unveil a “Black and White” burger combo that many are taking as an homage to the Yin and the Yang signs.

When you think of fast food, what’s the first name that comes to mind?

For most people that name is McDonald’s and there’s good reason for that.  McDonald’s has cornered and basically owned the fast food market for quite some time with their endless promotions, tasty eats, and cheap prices.  And these are just some of the reasons why McDonald’s is perhaps the #1 brand, whether good or bad, across the U.S.A.

But McDonald’s reach is obviously much bigger than America and it has also become a global brand as well.  The McDonald’s in other countries often cater their menus to the taste palettes of their citizens.  Which is why there’s going to be a vegetarian McDonald’s opening up in India really soon.  Which is why McDonald’s restaurants in France serve baguettes.  Which is why McDonald’s is planning to introduce a little bit of Chinese symbolism in a controversial move with their new “Black and White” burger combo.

Technically, the “Black and White” burger is a two-piece set that consists of a black-bunned beef hamburger and a white-bunned chicken burger.  The sandwiches also come with some kind of gravy drizzled over top of the patties.

Chinese website, The Bejinger, decided to conduct its own investigation and got to the bottom of the impetus behind the release of the burgers, with some speculating that the color scheme was to represent the “yin-yang” sign.

From The Beijinger:

A colleague informed us they’re a play on a Chinese phrase: heibai liangdao tongchi (??????), which describes people who are so well-connected with both the government (that’s the “white” side) and organized crime (“black” society, as it’s called in Chinese) that they can “eat from both sides.” – In other words, someone who has a foot in both camps.

Chinese blog Beijing Cream gave the burger meal a scathing review, however, writing:

This meal offends everyone. I would sooner eat a century egg bathed in stinky tofu with a chicken-foot garnish than order this again.
Don’t expect this meal to hit domestic shores anytime soon.

Well based on the “glowing” reviews of the sandwiches thus far, it is safe to say that these sandwiches most likely won’t be making it to a restaurant near you.  However, if McDonald’s ever wants to have a Michael Jackson themed value meal on the menu, these sandwiches may go hand in hand with one of his songs in particular.

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