Pastor Gets Followers to Believe That His Penis Has 'Sacred Milk' | The Urban Twist

Pastor Gets Followers to Believe That His Penis Has ‘Sacred Milk’

After reading this story, you may opt for Jim Jones’ Kool-Aid.

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  • DKHunter

    We should get this clown a job at the White House as King Obama’s pastor.

  • Seriously if you are stupid enough to fall for that you just deserve it.

  • geminitwinworld

    you’ve have got to be kidding me!? seriously!? and people really followed this sick and condemed and idiot human being for a spiritual leader? wtf and to those who swallowed the so called holy grail is not to far from the the same cloth he was cut to decieve you so easily.the lawlessness of the world has gone to dog diaria on his worst meal of the day!
    and god has you in his book of “bring your ass here now”! and shall reap the devils wrath which god will hand you on a platinum platter!

  • Daniel

    My feces is made of gold. Any buyers?

  • Susanna Marie Gomez

    Idiot…. lol no he was a lot of things but idiot was NOT one of em! A better word for this guy comes to mind: EVIL. Now the people who blew him and drank his goo are yes PERFECT Idiots! Either way I don’t wanna hang around ANY of em! lol just laugh at em!

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