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Tyler Perry’s Soap Opera “The Haves and the Have Nots” was NOT Up to Par

Tyler Perry’s latest television venture is a scripted drama that does little more than mimic soap operas we’ve already seen and have turned away from. In this new drama, premiering on Oprah’s OWN, Perry gives a similar take on an old formula and leaves little hope for black audiences.

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  • dyg70

    “The Haves and the Have Nots” will most likely acquire a fan base looking for campy fun. A poster elsewhere described it as a telenovela, and from that perspective, it holds its own. If Mr. Perry and Oprah can embrace this and run with it, they may have a cult hit on their hands. By contrast, “Love Thy Neighbor,” the new Tyler Perry sit com on OWN, looks as if it were hastily assembled and broadcast before it was ready. The broad comedy of the lead does not mesh with the rest of the cast. Indeed, we are left wondering if this is supposed to be a prime time sit com in league with the major networks (as it seems to want to be in some scenes) or a broad comedy in the style of one of the “Madea” plays. In either case, the comic timing is non-existent. (And no, we are not fooled by the overused laugh track!)

  • cookie

    the have and the have nots is
    to me not that interesting plus hattie needs to go cause its not that funny palmer should have been by his self

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