27 Year old Taylor Chapman
(Sally Salvenie/YouTube)

Uh oh, the state of Florida is in the hot seat again due to a racist rant performed on an 18 year old Dunkin’ Donuts employee over a receipt!

A viral video posted online shows 27 year old Taylor Chapman using a series of racially charged epithets towards a young Dunkin’ Donuts employee because a previous worker failed to provide her with a complimentary meal. According to Chapman, the employee from the night before mistakenly forgot to include a receipt in her bag; it was for that reason Chapman began berating the Dunkin Donuts’ employee for not providing the customer service she expected. Ironically, Chapman is relatively well-known for being in the spotlight and is featured in a variety of local low-budget commercials in Broward County Florida.

Near the beginning of the video, Chapman says:

“Give me your manager’s number. The owner. Now. ‘Cause a guarantee is a guarantee and I’ve already called my lawyer and he is already on it. So when it says you don’t get a receipt, you get your order free, it f—-ing means it right? Or is it a lie? Because this is all being recorded.”

The eight-minute long video also reveals that the employee is called a “little f—– sand n—–” by the extremely irate 27 year old. Then, she attacks the employee for the 9/11 attacks on the World Trade Center and essentially blames him for attacks as a result of his ethnicity/race.

(Dunkin' Donuts)

(Dunkin’ Donuts)

Jessica Gioglio, a Dunkin’ Donuts spokeswoman released a statement pertaining to the jarring video of Chapman hurling a slew of racist remarks to the Dunkin’ Donuts employee:

“We are aware of the video and the situation that occurred at the Dunkin’ Donuts restaurant located in Fort Lauderdale. We commend the franchisee’s crew member for handling this difficult situation with grace and patience. We believe this is a powerful example of great customer service and the respect our crew members have for our guests.”

Wait, what? Now, while it is true that the employee handled the situation a lot better than most people, Gioglio’s statement further reiterates that the practice of “customer service” is often misinterpreted and allows customers to say or do anything under the guise of “customer service”; so customer service means allowing a customer to blatantly disrespect you? I think we are all aware of the saying, “the customer is always right” and sorry Gioglio, commending the employee for providing “customer service” is just another way to thank the young man for not saying what he really wanted (and should have) said! By the way, I wonder how the company would have reacted if the employee stood his ground and defended himself. Would he still be commended for providing exemplary customer service?


The 18-year old Dunkin' Donuts employee in FL (Sally Salvenie/YouTube)

The 18-year old Dunkin’ Donuts employee in FL
(Sally Salvenie/YouTube)

As we can see, the line between customer service and disrespect is misconstrued. My conclusion, then, is that, companies and businesses should redefine the meaning of customer service. Oftentimes, customers acknowledge that they are able to circumvent certain rules in the food business because the idea that the customer is always right protects them. Chapman’s rant was completely inexcusable, however, customers like Chapman cross the lines of customer service every day and if companies continue to make employees deal with rude and disrespectful customer’s in a passive aggressive way, then we will continue to see more instances like these!

The visibility of racist remarks made by Americans is a sobering reminder that race relations in America is still an issue despite the monumental and historical strides made towards becoming a more inclusive society. For instance, on May 28th, a former Papa John’s employee from Sanford, Florida accidentally butt-dialed a customer and went on an unnecessary racist rant. He complained that the customer did not leave him a proper tip even though the customer revealed his overly generous tip amount. Of course, the CEO of Papa John’s sent their condolences and apologies to the recipient of the racist rant, but what does that mean in regards to race relations in America or customer service? Are we more divided now than we have ever been?

The video of the unfortunate racist rant is featured below.