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Transgender First Grader can now use girls bathroom in Colorado school

Was a girl denied use of the girl’s bathroom or was a boy just given access?

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  • Elle

    No offense, but I think you need to educate yourself further about gender variant children.
    It’s not as simple as just telling a child, “you have boy parts and
    therefore you are a boy.” Over time if a child persists in identifying
    themselves as a different gender than assigned at birth and becomes anxious or depressed over efforts to force them to comply with their assigned sex, their parents
    will often seek medical guidance. Gender specialists have found that
    “reparative therapy” simply doesn’t work for transgender children who are eventually
    identified transsexual (a subset of transgender people). It’s not a case of permissive parents. Mind you, this is a small percentage people. Her parents have likely taken her to a
    gender specialist who has evaluated the child and given the parents the
    “treatment plan” they are following now. By this point, they have likely ruled out that it’s just a phase or being creative or confused. It’s not that simple a situation. http://www. youtube. com/watch?v=5F5sY-vZifo&list=PLB6LSLIYSgIkXXLv_Xf0AaGIpefQWouQR&index=5

  • cybergrace

    Good grief, your arrogance is amazing. Do you really think the parents and the school haven’t had the child evaluated by several professionals and made a plan for constant reevaluation? Do you really think the child or the parents want to be different? Just because most kids are not transgendered–doesn’t mean ALL children are not transgendered. Who are you to decide? Shouldn’t medical professionals with the child’s best interests in mind count more than you? Do you really think you have any idea how this child feels?

    The suicide rate among LGBT youth is so high because of parenting like you propose: “You are straight because I SAY YOU’RE STRAIGHT.” I pray your poor kid never grows up to be something you believe they just “can’t be.”

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