Markiplier Is Back And Making Our Sides Hurt With Laughter!

Markiplier is home and back to making videos once more! Hooray! I think I can speak for all his fans when I say we missed our Markimoo!

Mark and his friends from Cyndago had taken a hiatus when their hearts were broken after they lost one of their own, Daniel Kyre.

Daniel Kyre, one of Cyndago’s beloved members was rushed to the hospital on September 16th after being found in his room in critical condition. On September 18th, 2015, the family of Daniel took him off life support and he passed away peacefully. Daniel Kyre will be missed and never forgotten.  According to Cyndago, Daniel had committed suicide. Cyndago and Mark don’t know why but claim that Daniel suffered from anxiety and depression.

After the death of their beloved friend, both channels took a hiatus or a break in order to deal with the loss. Daniel meant a lot to them and this loss hit them hard. Fans of both channels rallied together and showed their love and support throughout their time of pain, myself included! Both channels thanked their fans and really appreciated the love we gave them.

Cyndago on October 9th posted a final vlog video saying thank you and goodbye to Youtube. Also saying that you are worth it, and to live your life to the fullest. Ryan also states while Cyndago might be over, he’ll continue to work on Youtube with Mark and Matt. But for now needs to take things slow and to figure everything out.

Markiplier on October 12th, 2015, posted a video saying he’s okay, which everyone is glad for. He also stated that he’s ready to move on and will be back to making videos. Later that day, he posted a video of the science fiction survival horror game Soma! This pleased fans and we’re happy that Markiplier is back, and making us laugh along with him! On October 13th, 2015, he posted two new videos and he was laughing and smiling; right along with his fans.

We’re glad you’re back Mark! We love you!

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