#FreeMaxB Campaign Underway for NY Rapper Sentenced To 75 Years

Harlem Rapper Max B was sentenced to 75 years in prison but was not at the scene of the crime. Find out what you can do to help him get a chance for freedom.

Rapper Max B from Harlem, New York has been locked down since 2009 with a sentence of 75 years. He is known for his melodic flow when rhyming, for having catchy hooks and charismatic sayings to keep his listeners entertained. French Montana started his career with Max B and ventured off after Max was incarcerated.

Max is currently being held at Trenton State New Jersey Prison. What the public is not aware of is that one of the witnesses from the murder case recanted her statements, meaning that she changed what she originally said in her testimony.

Max B was convicted of armed robbery and first-degree murder, but the catch is that he wasn’t at the scene of the crime! He was charged with orchestrating the crimes with no real proof.

The White House petition for Max B started Thanksgiving day. If the petition can gain 100,000 signatures, Max B has a chance to be pardoned ¬†while President Obama is still in office or the very least an appeal. I am hoping that his industry associates can spread the word so that they can give Max a real chance at freedom. I know some people have little faith that he will be released, but there are instances where people have turned their cases around and proved their innocence like the real Freeway “Rick Ross“.

If you would like to learn more about this petition and sign, you can click on the link www.supportmaxb.com. You can also follow his Manager @harlem_matriarch on Instagram to hear the latest updates on the status of the petition.

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