YouTuber Nicole Arbour Caught Red-Handed!

Youtuber Nicole Arbour responds to Matthew Santoro’s abuse video and is then exposed for the liar that she is.

Youtube is a website for everyone to love, they’re walkthroughs for gamers and baking tutorials for the world’s future all-star baker, and everything in between! But what happens behind the scenes?

Some YouTubers have vlogging (video logs) to tell their audience what’s going on with them day to day, and some Youtubers like their privacy, which is good! But sometimes your privacy becomes public. In this case, Youtube stars Matthew Santoro and Nicole Arbour had their “behind the scenes” moment leaked all over social media. Before I get further into this, let me give the basic run down of what’s been happening, for a lot of people this will be a recap.

Matthew and Nicole had gotten together and began dating. They hit a rough spot and broke it off. Nicole then made a video stating mistakes were made and she wants Matt to take her back. He does and shit hits the fan. They broke it off again, and it’s been one thing after another.

Now that you know the basics, here’s what’s going on. Back in the summer of 2015, Matt states that Nicole abused him emotionally and physically! News spread on social media like wildfire! Most people couldn’t believe it, and others were skeptical. The only proof of said allegations being true were the reports of Rob Dyke, another Youtuber and Matt’s best friend.

While the hype died down a little, Nicole certainly didn’t help herself much more. She continued to make videos which made some people hate her further, even as far as signing petitions to have her channel deleted permanently. It seems Nicole has no problem spouting hurtful words and hate, but when people come back to defend themselves, others, or just to put Nicole in her place, she’s quick to disable comment as well as the like/dislike button, even blocking them from her Twitter. Even after she’s stated in her ‘Dear Matt‘ video that words hurt, then turning around saying that she can take it. Very hypocritical on her part.

As of recent, the hype came back. Matthew released a video telling us his story and what had happened. Nicole responded saying that Matt is lying. But the truth was right in front of us. Nicole was lying in her response video. She’s too tense, her body language is off, she hesitates, and jokes and downplays the allegation. She then had the nerve to challenge him to a polygraph test, knowing full well, they do not work nor prove anything. A few days ago, another Youtuber GradeAUnderA posted actual proof that Nicole is in fact lying! Sadly, the ‘Dear Matt’ video no longer exists on Youtube, no doubt Nicole trying to get rid of the evidence but is still on the internet! You just have to dig for it.

If you want to learn more about what’s going on, watch the recent videos on both channels and check out their Twitter pages. This is just the gist of it.

In my opinion, she’s lying and needs to just admit it, apologize and move on. She claims to be a professional, and a real professional would have the balls to stand up, and say “hey, you know I made mistakes and said some things that were wrong, and I apologize.” It’s not hard Nicole. Come on. Just say sorry, and the internet might forgive you.

Anyways, even though I don’t like Nicole or her videos, I hope she apologizes and she and Matt can move on. I also wish them both the best in their Youtube careers and hope they have fulfilling lives.

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