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How Well Do You Know ‘Martin’?

This quiz will truly test how much you know about the sitcom “Martin.” Are you a true fan? Or should you get the steppin’?

Brennen Jones




To this day, the FOX Thursday night lineup of Martin, Living Single, and New York Undercover is known as the Holy Trinity in the hood—a block of television that targeted people of color and won.

Martin stands out from that bunch as one of the greatest programs to ever grace television and has definitely stood up to the test of time.  To this day, the show (through syndication) continue to make millions of people laugh.

Martin and Gina portrayed the trials and tribulations of a young couple just trying to survive in Detroit. They were a ride-or-die couple no matter what obstacles they faced. And their friends Tommy, Cole, and Pam were loyal in whatever nonsense the couple got into.

But how well do you really know Martin? 

Take our quiz below and find out whether or not you should “get the steppin'” and binge watch some old Martin shows and finally get all caught up.

Martin, Tommy and Cole made a bet that they could outcook Pam and Gina for thanksgiving. Cole was told to make the cake. What did he put in the cake to enhance the flavor?

Cole overheard Tommy talking about how his grandmother use to say "don't forget to put your draws in it." Cole thought that if he added his underwear to the cake mix, that the cake would have come out perfect.

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