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What is Your Go to Beauty Emoji?

Iconic beauty brand L’Oréal​ has joined the emoji world with new keyboard app “Beaumoji” that makes it even more fun for beauty lovers.

Christina Jeter




The days of basic emojis are over. For all things beauty and beyond that lets you and your squad stay on fleek, you can choose from over 100 Beaumojis from kissing emojis, to hair flip emojis, and lipstick emojis.

I came to find out about the beauty messaging application Beaumoji, as they are hosting a contest where they want you to create an emoji that captures what you think is beautiful.

As for me, I entered a picture of myself as Marie Laveau. Why? Because history is beautiful to me and every time I succeed at a circumstance it makes me feel like a legend.


Don’t get me wrong, I love makeup and toiletries.  It accentuates the beauty of an individual, but I hope my emoji wins because if it does, when I post on social media I can use my emoji to show I am having a Marie Laveau day!

Who is Marie Laveau? She is a mixed-raced woman who stood up for what she believes in and never looked back. As so many people are doing today, I didn’t learn about her in school, so this is my way of introducing her to a wider audience.

I hope I can make more emojis because there are so many people of history that I want to turn into emojis, like the Founding Fathers of Haiti and other heroes of African decent throughout history that should be taught in schools because they are American history!