How To Find A Normal Person On Grindr

Now that Grindr 3.0.4 is out, I decided to write an article about it to help you find the right person. Get a cup of coffee and start reading.

First of all, don’t be ashamed of using Grindr. According to this article in 2015, 55% of adults said using online dating apps is a good way to meet people. It’s easy, fun and there’s a hight chance you’ll meet the right person. But Grindr is different. It’s a hookup app. Most users don’t know that, thinking that everyone using the app are searching for a relationship. Well, no. But the good news is that a lot of people are actually looking for relationships. Now that Grindr 3.0.4 is out, I decided to write an article about it to help you find the right person. If you want to find a booty call buddy, then this article isn’t for you.

The most important step, setting up your profile picture. After all, the first impression is everything. Unlike Tinder, on Grindr you can upload only one picture so you have to make it as good as possible. You don’t have to be “good-looking” you just have to seem interesting to the community. So this is where it gets hard. You have to present a picture showing that you’re clean, interesting and funny. According to the statistics outdoor pictures get 19% more clicks. Don’t be afraid of showing what you love, such as pets of technology. Show a little bit of your body, you don’t have to be shirtless, just make sure they can see your chest not just your face.

Now it’s time for your profile description. Remember to keep it short. No boy wants to read an auto-biography and be sure to not include TMI. Try coming up as a mysterious person, a good conversation starter. Write about your passions, which will give the guys easy things to ask about later in the conversation. Don’t include words that show you’re uneducated such as “girly”, instead use feminine, but let me tell you this. If you judge guys by femininity and muscularity then chances of you finding someone is harder. Fill your profile with correct information. Don’t say you’re 6’2″ when you’re 5’2, first date would be awkward.

And last, while conversing show that you’re intelligent, funny and friendly. Don’t be rude, if you don’t like someone messaging you, just tell them you’re not interested in a friendly way. You don’t want to be mean to someone and ruin their day.

Again, finding “the one” on Grindr may be hard, but it is possible. After all, you aren’t the only person wanting to “find the one”.

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