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A Transgender Woman’s Take on Dealing with Employment Discrimination

This is Alec McDonough, she is a 21-year-old transgender woman from Southern Illinois. Right now Alec is in the midst of employment discrimination investigation with her employer.

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  • Leslie Gray

    I was a popular artist in high demand until I was nolonger able to maintain the lie of concealing being transgender. I find it beyond ironic that I was lying to literally everyone when I was trying to be that ‘man’. And now that I am being honest with everyone about who I really am, I am getting accused of trying to deceive people into thinking I am someone I am not.

    People fear what they do not understand. But, how are they ever going to understand us, if they won’t listen to when we are telling them the truth? Ladies and gentlemen, we are not the liars in this debate.

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