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Tupac Shakur Opens A Restaurant

An ode to the artistry of Tupac Shakur will be combined with great food at this pop-up restaurant marking the twentieth anniversary of Shakur’s death.

Larnett Glenn




Tupac Shakur is opening a pop-up burger joint in Fresno, California.  Well, kinda.  You see, Shakur was  a multi-faceted visionary artist whose untimely death left us all longing for more.  Every year, around the anniversary of his death, we are reminded just how talented and complex he really was.  Shakur was a legendary rapper and poet but, he was also a visual artist.  Shakur sketched some amazing art.  Found among his many sketches was the concept for what will now be known as Powamekka, a Tupac themed restaurant.  This pop-up restaurant will be located at the Fulton Mall in Fresno, CA.  It will transform Take 3 Burgers, for one night only.  Marketing wizard Sam Hansen collaborated with Desirae Washington-Reed, owner of Take 3 Burgers to mark the 20th anniversary of Shakur’s death with this event.

Shakur created the branding and menu in his plans to open a restaurant, prior to his death.  So, this concept comes directly from Shakur.  Hansen will fill the space with Tupac themed art and local musicians will perform covers.  But, I’m thinking that the real star of the night just may be the food.  They will be serving up dishes culled from Tupac’s own recipes, which were included in his sketch for a cookbook.  Highlights from the menu are Hennessey Apple Butter chicken wings, a California Love Chicken Sandwich, a Mac-and-Cheeseburger and Thug Passion cake pops, which are champagne cakes coated with Alize buttercream frosting .

We knew Tupac was a pretty good bartender but, who knew he could cook too?  Or maybe he couldn’t but, he certainly had a great  imagination for mixing alcohol with food and I’m all for it.  I’m down for a “drunk menu” anytime.

If you’re a Tupac fan, interested in experiencing this event, you should head that way because lines are probably forming now.

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