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Child Support is Not a Black Mother’s Hustle

Black mothers don’t create children alone and shouldn’t be forced to shoulder the financial obligations on their own.

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  • Tre

    This article was intellectually lazy. Please don’t attempt to speak on a matter you’re too lazy to get both sides of. Father’s have no objection to supporting their children. The issue is being forced to pay an amount that leaves them little to live on. Unlike the custodial mothers you don’t get financial support from the government if you’re too poor. You get hit with back child support at 10-15% interest. By the way this arbitrary amount you’re forced to pay cannot be discharged like student loans. It’s a debtors prison. You didn’t need the courts when the individuals had kids so you don’t need them for raising your kids. By the way, if women doesn’t want to have children they can hop on birth control. Also, post birth they have tons of options to get rid of the child if they so choose. That option is not available for men.

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