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Australian Rapper Nick de la Hoyde is ‘Thinking Bout You’ in New Video

Australian rapper Nick de la Hoyde is gifting fans with a new visual for his track, “Thinking Bout You.”

The artsy Marc Furmie-directed video takes place in de la Hoyde’s bedroom as he puts together his dream girl — literally. And all the while he’s rapping and singing to the woman that he can’t get off of his mind.

“Sometimes it’s better for me to write down what’s on my mind instead of leaving it left alone in my head,” said Nick in an interview with Twist. “So that’s exactly what I did when we starting writing ‘Thinking Bout You’.”

The clip is geared to be “an artistic commentary on modern sexuality, exploring the constant imposition of sensuality and eroticism as a result of social media,” according to the press statement. In addition, it’s made to navigate themes of “identity and isolation.”

Check out the video above.

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