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2016 Presidential Election: Why I Didn’t Vote

One source of contention surrounding the recent election is those who did not vote. I can’t speak for the motivation of others, but I decided to share mine.

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  • spinmas


  • spinmas

    God Blacks and wedge issues are the reasons blacks are in bad shape and this whole country is now controlled by extremist..

    • Nicole A. Schmidt

      As I said, my reason for not voting what that I am not in the country, not my faith. Had I been in the States, I would have voted. My point was that even with my vote, was a part of the majority for my States anyway. As far as being a Christian, I never said that was an excuse not to vote; my point was that regardless of the vote and the outcome, I still believe it will all work out. I also acknowledged that extremist feel the same…In the end, time will tell.

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