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Being Black and Celebrating Thanksgiving: What Are We Doing?

Today is Thanksgiving. As I prepare my designated dish to bring to the family table to commemorate the savagery of our former oppressors, I’m filled with contrary emotions.

the_first_thanksgiving oil painting
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  • IJS

    I understand and appreciate the educational aspect. My children’s history books in my state call slavery “forced immigration”. OF course the teacher was nice enough to not count the question when I called him on it. Even agreed that it was wrong. But he must teach from the book.

    • Melony Hill

      wow, forced immigration huh. Yea it’s absolutely ridiculous the history they try to teach to cover up the horrible things the Europeans did. Please feel free to share this article.

      • IJS

        True story. Texas history books made by McGraw-Hill do not refer to slavery as anything other than forced immigration. Don’t get me started on what it does and doesn’t say about lynchings and Jim Crow.

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