Kwanzaa, Another Black Holiday Ignored By Mainstream: The Urban Twist

Kwanzaa, Another Black Holiday Predominately Ignored By Mainstream Society.

Kwanzaa has been celebrated since 1966 when Maryland born, professor of African Studies, Maulana Karenga created it as the first African American holiday.

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  • spamtrap93

    Kwanzaa isn’t celebrated because the people that discovered, fought for and built this country don’t celebrate it. Not celebrated in Norway either. How is that hard to understand?

    Christmas isn’t a white holiday, it’s a Christian holiday.

    Perhaps I f your holiday was at least a century old people would care.

  • captainjapan8

    It’s not celebrated because it was created out of thin air 50 years ago and I’ve never met a single black person who isn’t incredibly embarrassed when someone mentions it…keep trying

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