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Berenice Craddock Crowned “Mother Africa” Makes Bigger News Than Pageant Winner

Kedidimetse Tswai won the Mrs. Africa 2017 pageant. However, social media is focused on Berenice Craddock, who won the Mother Africa title and is white.

yep thats a beauty queen
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  • Terrence P. Grisham

    Ok, a woman from Pretoria won the beauty pageant, cool but the white woman won for philanthropy is given the title “Mother Africa”. Ok

    • Melony Hill

      bingo. Seems weird huh

    • zigthenzag

      Yes it is strange, and strange to see all the white women in the photo. Something seems “off” about it to me.

  • Bigl Biggie

    white people are still in SA is pure fuckery

  • Truth is WAY stranger than fiction. Always…..

  • semikevin

    if this isn’t some bullshit a don’t know what is….and she looks horrible

  • Is this a Joke?

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