Is Mississippi's Governor Related To Emmet Till's Murderer?: The Urban Twist

Is Mississippi Governor, Phil Bryant, The Nephew Of Emmet Till’s Murderer?

Governor Bryant’s Wikipedia page has been altered at LEAST four times today to include the fact that he is related to Roy and Carolyn Bryant. The revisions have been deleted each time.

Phil Bryant
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  • Nicole

    Wouldn’t his mother’s maiden name be different than her married name.

  • Carunzel

    Her maiden name is Roberts. I have no lost love for Phil Bryant, but this story is not true.

  • Georgia Johnson

    From that era I aways heard that it was 3 to 4 white men went into Emmitt Till uncle house and draged him out of Bed,I also heard that one of the white men was her Brother.

    • lainey

      he had a sister name mary Louise bryant Campbell and her husband melvin louis Campbell was the one who shot emmett till in the head.

  • lainey

    There is a website called find a grave and you all can look up and find some of the relatives of the bryant’s.

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