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J-Anthony Jams Out in the ‘It’s Official’ Video

J-Anthony is making it “official” with his new track. Originally a cover artist, J-Anthony is back with an original track, “It’s Official.”

Although J-Anthony hails from Ohio like many greats including The Ohio Players, The O’Jays and The Isley Brothers, he’s heading down the road of funk rather than R&B.

Although the track is indeed funky, it serves as more of a superfluous guilty pleasure rather than a song with substance. But that doesn’t mean it’s bad.  The song tells of making a relationship “official” and is quite cute, sometimes.

“She had me at the first glance / Come on girl give me one chance / Baby, baby, just wait and see / I’ll give you everything that you need,” sings J-Anthony before the bridge.

Check out the J-Anthony and his band jam out in the “It’s Official” video above.

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