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Malcolm X, Huey Newton and Black Lives Matter Set the Scene in Tyson Amir’s ‘Black Boy Poems’

Malcolm X was assassinated 52 years ago, but, unfortunately, many believe that not much has changed for black people since the revolutionary mind was slain.

One of these believers is Tyson Amir, who’s set to be one of the newest faces on the spoken word scene with his book, Black Boy Poems: An Account of Black Survival in America.

Amir promises to show the fight, struggle, love, anger, frustration and hope of black people in the book. And Amir is giving a small taste of what to expect in his 278 page book with a live reading of his poem “Between Huey and Malcolm.”

In the poem, Amir references the number of black men and women who were killed by the police.

“and you can legally murder a n—- / and walk off Scott free / but Walter Scott can’t flee / and Eric Garner can’t breathe / and Tyisha Miller can’t sleep / and Oscar Grant can’t see his daughter no more,” he rhymes.

The book is also filled with Amir’s reflections on the the plight of black folk as well as the Black Lives Matter movement.

Check out Amir spit his poem, “Between Huey and Malcolm,” above and purchase the book here.

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