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‘Bates Motel’ Series Finale, Season 5, First 2 Episodes Review (Sort of Not Spoiler Free)

Christina Jeter



Some people can’t separate reality from fiction and in the current season of Bates Motel, which you NEED to watch February 20th, 2017, you will see how one’s person fiction can destroy everybody’s reality.

“Holy shit.”

“Well, now you know Chick…I’m still alive.”

Frank Fafara ‘Only In My Dreams’ plays in the background as Norman Bates has a new love interest in his life that surprisingly isn’t his mother. But the entertainingly way he chooses to express his sexual desire for wanting to be with her is going to make mommy very angry.

Sheriff Alex Romero makes a collect call to ‘Jim’ but what a surprise Norman has Jim phone and listens in on the call.

Emma Decody + Caleb Calhoun = 3, or should I say 4 because of an unexpected visit. Don’t forget Bates Motel is based on an infamous serial killer Ed Gaines, who murders his own brother when he threatens to go to the police.

The drug phenobarbital makes its feature debut in the show as…a similar prescribed medication.

O and I think, but don’t quote me because she isn’t fully shown, but the women visiting with the man in room #1 is Rhianna and because of her relationship with this certain person, maybe the reason why she will be murdered.

A special thank you to writer and creator Carlton Cuse of Bates Motel for making Bing Crosby and all the other classical oldies ominous.