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Aaron Hernandez Commits Suicide in Prison

The ex-NFL star was found hanging in his cell. He was 27.

Brennen Jones



The troubled life of former NFL star Aaron Hernandez is over as he has committed suicide in his prison cell earlier this morning.

Massachusetts prison officials say former NFL star Aaron Hernandez has hanged himself in his cell and pronounced dead at a hospital. He was 27.

Prison officials say that Hernandez was in a single cell in a general population housing unit at the Souza Baranowski Correctional Center in Shirley, Massachusetts.

Authorities say that Hernandez hanged himself using a bedsheet that he attached to a cell window and that he tried blocking the cell door from the inside by jamming the door with various items.

Hernandez was serving a life without parole sentence for murdering his friend Odin Loyd back in 2013.

Hernandez was acquitted Friday in a 2012 double slaying prosecutors said was fueled by his anger over a drink spilled at a nightclub.

Although many people believe that Hernandez was where he deserved to be, in prison for life, no one saw him taking his own life, and there is still great sadness and sorrow for him and his family. Especially his daughter. 

His suicide comes on the day his former team, the New England Patriots, is celebrating their recent Super Bowl victory by visiting the White House.

A true contrast of the the life he lived up to the very end.


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Michael Bennett on Arrest: I Was Profiled, But Not All Police Are Bad

Super Bowl champion and Seahawks’ defensive end Michael Bennett said he was assaulted and threatened at gunpoint by police during a chaotic incident in Las Vegas last month, and he now is exploring his legal options.

TUT Staff



Michael Bennett elaborated more during a press conference, about a video that showed him being aggressively arrested in Las Vegas after the Mayweather Vs. McGregor fight.

The Seahawks star told the media, “It sucks that the country we live in now sometimes you get profiled for the color of your skin. It’s a tough situation for me. Do I think every police officer is bad? No. I don’t believe that. Do I believe that there’s some people out there that are judging people on the color of their skin? I do believe that. I’m just focused on trying to push forward and keep continuously … the quest for justice for people. Keep pushing the quality for oppressed people.”

He went on to further state, “I’m just lucky to be here to be able to speak about it. At any moment I could’ve made the wrong decision or rather move and felt like I was resisting or doing something wrong and you guys would be wearing, the Seahawks would be wearing the patch with No. 72 on it. So I’m just lucky to be here right now to be able to continuously fight for people, fight for the equality of all people regardless of their color, regardless of their gender.”

You can check out the full press conference below.

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Protesters Demand That Colin Kaepernick Play This Season Outside of NFL Headquarters

Protests take place outside of NFL headquarters to support Colin Kaepernick’s return to the game.

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Fans protested outside of the NFL headquarters in New York City on Wednesday, August 23, demanding that Colin Kaepernick be able to play for a team this season. Any team.

The protesters believe that the star athlete is being blackballed for participating in a protest of his own while kneeling during the national anthem at the start of each game.

Derrick Johnson, NAACP interim president, and CEO, requested a meeting with NFL commissioner, Roger Goodell, as he believes it’s “no sheer coincidence” that Kaepernick hasn’t been picked up by a team this season. Johnson added, “No player should be victimized and discriminated against because of his exercise of free speech – to do so is in violation of his rights under the Constitution and the NFL’s own regulations.”

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Aaron Hernandez’s Fiancee and Family to Get Copies of Suicide Notes Found in Prison Cell

A Massachusetts judge has granted the request of Aaron Hernandez’s fiancee and mother of his daughter to receive copies of the three notes the former NFL tight end left in his cell last week before he killed himself.

TUT Staff



A Massachusetts judge has granted the request of Aaron Hernandez’s fiancee and mother of his daughter to receive copies of the three notes the former NFL tight end left in his cell last week before he killed himself.

Attorney George Leontire told reporters around 12:25 p.m. that a Bristol Superior Court judge had ordered the notes to be released to the family after Leontire filed a motion Monday demanding that they be able to “know their loved one’s final thoughts.”

As previously reported, Hernandez reportedly wrote one note to his fiancee Shayanna Jenkins-Hernandez, one to their daughter and one to a man described as Hernadez’s jailhouse lover. The letters were left next to a bible.

The Boston Globe reports that Jenkins-Hernandez’s attorney, George Leontire, made the request to the judge Monday morning, hours before Hernandez’s funeral was to begin in Bristol, Connecticut.

“The family has the right, during this grieving process, to know their loved one’s final thoughts,” Leontire wrote in the motion. Leontire said Worcester District Attorney Joseph D. Early Jr.’s office had refused to share the notes’ contents.

The former New England Patriots tight end was serving a life sentence for the slaying of semi-pro football player Odin Lloyd, who was dating Jenkins-Hernandez’s sister.

He hanged himself in his cell in a maximum-security prison in Massachusetts last Wednesday. He had just been acquitted of murder charges in the shooting deaths of two men in Boston in 2012.

In a statement, Hernandez’s family asked for privacy as it mourns and thanked people for offering condolences.

After the Massachusetts medical examiner ruled the death a suicide, Hernandez’s brain was taken to Boston University, where scientists will study it for any signs of repeated trauma suffered during his years of playing football.

A judge on Friday ordered key evidence preserved, granting a request from Jenkins-Hernandez so the family can investigate the circumstances of his death.

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