Serena Williams Pregnant with Mixed Race Baby: The Urban Twist

Serena Williams 5 Months Pregnant, Another Black Star with a Mixed Race Kid.

Serena Williams and fiancee, Alexis Ohanian are expecting. Serena’s five months pregnant, meaning she was pregnant before the engagement announcement.

serena williams pregnant
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  • Leticia

    @The Urban Twist, you deleting (or not approving, whatever) my backed-up with facts comment just comes to prove that you can’t accept the opinions of others and you plain and simple shouldn’t be posting stories on the Internet. Because this is a huge forum, people will always debate and expose their views. But ok.
    I’m just surprised how a comment like mine, presenting nothing but truths and facts isn’t allowed here but this poor attempt of an opinion, which in reality is nothing but garbage is ok. #smfh

    • I’m sorry we don’t delete comments are you sure it went through. I’m the author and I welcome everyone’s opinion.

  • Keep the bloodline pure, hmm. well, that’s a disturbing way to put it. Also, mixed race people aren’t “things” we’re people.

    • sorry if anything I said offended you, just expressing My beliefs.

    • Nicole Hill

      I’m sorry I truly didn’t realize I wrote “thing.” The moment I saw your comment I revised article. I never mean to offend anyone, just share My opinion. 🙂

      • Penny Andra

        You are a fucking idiot who should not get any type of public plateform.

    • Tracee Ford

      Amen to that. People need to get off their high horse. I love me some white men, fr

  • MJ

    The author seems like a very angry and bitter person. I feel sorry for her.

  • Bill Bickford

    Very disturbing article. Keeping the bloodline pure is basically stating you’re a racist, regardless of the source. I’m sorry if you don’t approve. That’s your right to your own thoughts and ideas but once you start labeling people and posting your thoughts and beliefs online, that’s where you cross the line and are now opening yourself up to criticism and anger and I hope you’re ready for it. I am a father to 2 bi-racial sons and nowhere or no time have I ever thought of the bloodline purity. That’s total crap. The blood that flows through your veins, my veins and yes, even the uppity “royal family” are all the same and can be intertwined and I guarantee no one would know any difference, except for the type. As far as your self promoting on your own label on the Article:

    Melony Hill – who loves to delve deeper into the whys of everything.

    Maybe you should delve into why you’re hating on a couple who happen to be from different races.

    And while you’re delving into that, maybe you should delve into how you would react if this exact same article had been written by a white man or white woman. Would you call them out for being racist? Would you have any issues to that? Seems so many people just want to cause and stir up trouble and drama when none needs to be brought up.

    I love Serena and think she’s a beautiful woman. I’m very happy for her and her fiance and also hope things do get better for our world of diverse races and cultures. A favorite saying of mine that still rings true:

    Love sees no color.

    • Nicole Hill

      I recognize your difference of opinion. In response to your question, I would not be affected if anyone of any race wrote a similar article. I truly feel people are entitled to FEEL how they feel. it’s when they take detrimental action based off their feelings, that things become a problem.

      • Penny Andra

        If you knew your history you would know that no blood line is pure in any race. Fool take several seats.

      • Bill Bickford

        And I agree. People are entitled to how they feel but once they make it public and express it, that’s where the problems occur. I’m all for opinions and beliefs but that does not mean you need or are entitled to express it in a public forum and expect all to agree. People get so worked up about being offended these days and that’s just an issue with the state of society these days. I’m not one of those but I do look for the betterment of the human population and by breaking down these beliefs of “blood lines” is the start. I’m ok with some people not wanting to have interracial relationships, that’s their way of life and their choice. But it’s also my choice to blend the different races, cultures and lifestyles together. I just don’t go around writing articles and expressing my anger towards it if you don’t agree or “Lose me as a fan forever.”

    • Nicola Ellis

      Right on

  • Gypsy Soul

    I applaud black women who find love and family with whomever they choose. The writer here has some serious issues with race. Her views are divisive pitting one (Serena) against the other (Beyonce). It is her kind of thinking that will keep the world from progressing. It has always been my preference to date European men. I love them, am very attracted to them and have more in common with them. Of course, Latino men are my other preference. There is no rule in life that says you must marry someone with the same skin color, eye color, language as you. If you do believe that, I urge you to FREE YOUR MIND!!

    • Nicole Hill

      Free My mind? You’re preference is anything but your own. says a lot about your self esteem if you ask Me. But I welcome your opinion and our differences

      • Sarah Ratliff

        You’re mind? Could you explain what that means?

  • Asiodu Ndidi

    Obviously angry better lady spewing vile and hating on another woman. I’d love to see where this hate Will lead you too. Sending you love and light hope it will melt you poor sad icy soul. Racist
    God help you that you don’t pass this disease to your kids. You need help asap.

  • Mari

    I’m proud of her for not being locked into typical “crab in a barrel” black thinking. At the end of the day she is loved, he is loved, their baby will be loved by them and their child won’t be concerned about their mother looking different, they will simply Love and Adore her because she is His or Her Mother.

    How ridiculous is this article… the only one I feel that is dealing with self hate from hurt and rejection is the writer.

    Pitiful… the moment another woman of color, or an interracial couple has an opportunity to be happy, some unhappy, jealous person has to come along and try to ruin it by projecting their own insecurities! Grow up!

    • Penny Andra

      I think the woman who wrote this article is jealous and need some love in her life.

  • 2520greatyear

    Wow! Just wow! Blatant bigotry, self-hate, and abuse of black women does not surprise me. I see it all far to often. What is surprising, is that someone with so little fundamental knowledge of English composition would submit an article with absolutely no one (competent) having proofread.

    • Penny Andra

      This is what scares me about the internet, any fool can go on to write an article of total rubbish and get away with it.

  • Dominique Treu

    Great article. Black Americans are steady more breeding themselves out and creating mixed people who will end up oppressing us just like other mixed bastards do to black people around the world.

    • Nicole Hill

      I’m glad someone sees my point. There is nothing wrong with wanting to preserve what you love. I LOVE Black people.

    • Livvy

      Black men are already oppressing black women though – just as they have been doing for thousands of years.

  • Tracee Ford

    You marry who you’re happy with no matter the race.

  • Brian Herch

    I have written verbatim on what I believe as a solution to black vs white, that being what I refer to as the proverbial melding pot.
    Clear definitive lines only further the them vs us mentality.
    One of the most versatile countries I have visited throughout my many travel destinations was Venezuela.
    The most beautiful thing about it was no one seems to notice colour or religion.
    There was no dilineation I felt.
    So what if Srena loves a white man what business is it of anyone’s ….if anything Kudos to her.
    As for culture what has colour got to do with it.
    Before all else its African not black or white,
    Another good example of this is Jamaica. Jamaicans before all else are simply that white, black, brown or yellow is irrelevant.
    It doesn’t matter…….. they all enjoy patties along with peas and rice.
    The expats I have met in my area have not lost their culture even thirty years later, they are Jamaican before all else.
    Having said that I acknowledge white privilege and although I don’t condone it how better to change it other than interracial unions.B

  • Tausha Miller

    Her life ,Her business.

  • Chad Wilcox

    Way to perpetuate racism. Hope that whole pure line thing works out for you.

  • Lawrence Fearon

    I can’t believe you’re from the same Baltimore City as me. As a human being, Serena’s first duty is to be true to her heart. Where is the LOVE, Ms. Melony?

    • Nicole Hill

      Where is her love for her own culture? Mine is on display

      • Lawrence Fearon

        Just got your reply.
        Serena has demonstrated her love of the Black Culture by being the dominant and successful Black woman she is. Simply being successful,just like Obama, raises our collective respect as a people. But Williams and her sister Venus have already created a legacy by inspiring more African-American children – especially those from low-income areas – to play tennis. The sisters have championed a tennis centre in the Anacostia neighbourhood of Washington, DC, devoting time and money to it’s development.

  • BabyGen

    So, I guess the author doesn’t like Obama, because he is mixed, but likes Trump, because is “pureblood”

  • MPT

    I can’t get past the author’s pic with that obvious Malaysian lacefront (then again it looks synthetic) on her head and she wants to talk about “self-hate”? Pot meet Kettle. Serena found a man who loves her and happens to be white, so what?

    • Nicole Hill

      actually this article’s author ( Me) has dreadlocs lol a picture can fool you I’m natural

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