Serena Williams Caught Looking a Mess in Dollar Tree: the Urban Twist

Serena Williams is in the Sunken Place Now. Caught Looking Busted and Disgusting in Dollar Tree.

When I saw these photos of Serena, whom I have never seen look anything but polished, other than after an intense match, I cringed. Poor Serena, she’s in the sunken place now. GET OUT!

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  • Aaron Esteban Catolico

    You stupid black racist hood whore. Take a look at her Facebook & you will see that she looks worse than Serena as she constantly take pictures looking like a skankbag.

  • Kimmie

    You are wearing a cheap shiny wing and you have a nerve to be talking about someone’s natural hair looking nappy? Girl bye and I’m being nice calling you a girl when you are clearly a stupid broke troll.

  • Brittany Cora

    I can understand the feeling you might have toward interracial relationships…given the past..but why try to tear down Serena in such a cruel way? She was in Florida and I imagine she must been on the beach or near the pool. Looks like she just went in for quick minute to grab something. So I guess she looks busted since she isn’t wearing couture and makeup? Ridiculous. Let her live. Plus give her fiance a break. The seem really happy and whatever happens happens. If she was with a black man she could go out like this and still look a “mess” right?

  • Mark Toney

    How can this columnist work in talent when she doesn’t have any ? I know, she guilt tripped her way into a job. You’ll never go farther than you are, the dregs is all you’re worth …

  • Annette Boatswain

    Other races don’t have to drag us down when we do such a damn good job of dragging each other down! Serena is beautiful no matter what. Her beauty does not come from her make up, fancy clothes or hair weaves. Her beauty comes from within. Black women are damned if we do and damned if we don’t?. If we wear weaves and makeup we’re told that we’re fake and that black men love black women that are “natural”. We go “natural” and we’re called nappy head and ugly! STOP IT!! Stop criticizing your sister. It doesn’t make you look better than her. It’s actually pretty ugly!!
    And about the possibility of her being a single mom and unable to continue her career… Many of us , Black Women, are no stranger to single motherhood, AND YET WE RISE!!!
    Willie Lynch would be very proud of you if he were alive today. It’s this very same mentality that he planned to keep division in the Black families and community when he gave his speech The Making of a Slave.

    • lisamanv .


      • Emma Iroh

        In my own view as a proud black african, Serena is beautiful super celebrity and she is seen as a super role model to up coming young woman globally personally I dnt like her idea of getting pregnant out of wedlock, I know as an american don’t see it as anything but its shameful to a person of her pedigree.

        • lisamanv .

          She is 35, do you think she is a virgin? So she got pregnant before she got married, it is 2017, not 1917. And pedigree? Really? That sounds like something a Trump would say.

  • Christopher Ejinkeonye

    I m appalled and disgusted by such a trashy commentary by a trashy columnist. Serena is beautiful inside and outside., I look forward to her cute angelic baby. What do you look forward to – nothing positive.

  • lisamanv .

    Humiliate herself? J.H.C. occasionally I feel like going out without spending an hour putting on makeup and fixing my hair, I am thrilled to know Serena is the same. I refuse to judge her, why are you?

  • lisamanv .

    I heard a black man say blacks can not be racists but I think you just proved him wrong. Plus, if her career is over she will end it as the greatest tennis player in the history of the game. What is your claim to fame?

  • Brigette Hyacinth

    This article is repulsive! Blacks always try to bring other blacks down. There are already so many that hate the Williams sisters for no reason. Why can’t you speak blessings on her life? Why do you want to see her ending up as a single parent? Serena has worked so hard her whole life and she is happy why are you trying to pull her down. Absolutely disgusting!!! Shame on you. Badly done! You remind me of the haters criticizing gymnast gabby’s hair at the Olympics. This is a jealous racist rant! You should be fired!

  • Jereminah Mugoya

    This article is repulsive, leave Serena alone and let her and her fiance be! I am an African woman who happens to date outside race occasionally, I don’t feel like I’m being displayed on a white man’s arm because truthfully, its the respect that the person you are with gives you and it doesn’t matter what race they are! I pray that Serena and her fiance have a wonderful long relationship/marriage and have many more little ones together. She’s is beautiful inside out ….congrats Serena

  • Naseer M Sabo

    You are the disgusting person. What a rude and stupid article. So Serena can’t dress like an average person and go shopping. I feel sad for you sitting and writing this crap. What a total waste of your writing effort

  • nevenera

    Serena is a multimillionaire, she makes exponentially more than her fiance, even if he left her…she would still be a multimillionaire. If someone like her is willing not only to go shopping in a discount store but also to have pictures taken of her like this, it is not a bad thing, it actually shows she is not hung up on looking perfect all the time. This has nothing to do with interracial relationships, the ‘white’ man is the only one who put a ring on it, the ‘black’ men she dated didn’t. He treats her like a queen. Stop being such a shallow, jealous, racist person.

  • xmarisolx

    The comments on this article made my day. I’m so happy the readers are more gracious and humane than this heartless author. Like someone said, it’s likely Serena ran in there while on vacation after being at the beach or pool. She seems wet. I like her because she’s real. Someone else would have denied the fan a photo.

  • Dream Goddess

    She’s pregnant, so technically there is someone else inside her body controlling things. Her baby probably wanted snacks. Serena Williams is a GOAT champion who made her fortune from sweating on tv with no makeup, so clearly she’s been seen in public looking less polished for 20 years, where have you been? Anyway, “massa” obviously still owns you and a lot of black people because you’re still so very worried about what he thinks regarding your looks. You sound embarrassed about black slave women, not proud of their beauty and strength. You had nothing complementary to say about them, I guess your white sponsors wouldn’t allow it. The sunken place, really? Do you get all your ideas from white run tv?

  • Adrianee P

    She’s trying entirely too hard with this article.. it barely keeps focus. Secondly you (the author) should review your own photos on your page .. they are far from appealing

  • SK

    Seriously?? The woman is pregnant, and after being in the spotlight for years – she deserves to let her hair down (or up) any which way she pleases. Last year I wore a similar maxi gown all over the place during pregnancy – I feel proud that Serena wears the same. Serena is over and above cheap commentary like this. Let the woman enjoy her pregnancy and a simple life. Its tough being pregnant with hormones messing up moods. How bad it is to bring her down like this 🙁 – A brown woman from the Far East of the globe.

  • Al Dunigan

    Damn Melony, i hope that couch you speak of spending so much time on
    belongs to your shrink. You, young lady, sound very much like the poster girl for reverse racism. Do you even know whether Serenas’ fiance has any bonafied slave owners in his family tree, not that his having an ancester who owned slaves would have any adverse effect on his psyche(racism is not genetic). I seriously doubt if that fine Muslim woman who raised you felt any different than you about Whites or interacial relationships, and nor do i blame her for her feelings. She was born into a much more racist time period and very likely experienced acts of racial hatred up close and personal. But i still believe she wouldn’t be proud of this fake journalism hussle you are using to make a “fist full of dollars”, you spoke of soul selling in your misleading article, so you would know something about that. Have you missed yours lately? Maybe you really expected more of your readers to recognize the snark herein and realize that you were not being serious about this sad tale about the greatest female professional tennis player of all time. And maybe you expected more readers to be hawkeyed enough to spot a terribly poorly done Photoshopped photograph that places our beloved Serena in Dollar Tree, of all places, wearing a crackhead hairstyle. Hilarious! I think Serena is even LTHSH (laughing till her sides hurt) as she reads this crap and holds your check in her other hand. Please don’t stoop TOO GD LOW Bae, hold on to a tad bit of self respect in your quest for cash to pay off those student loans, and support your lifestyle while your write the new great American novel. And don’t hate because that White guy she’s engaged to is a multi-millionaire(like she needs HIS money), self-made too, not his daddy’s money. Even if he did dump her she’d be financially secure for life, able to give her child anything his/her little heart desired. Thanks for the hoot.?

    • Nicole Hill

      I sincerely enjoyed your diatribe. I meant every word I said. You’d be surprised at how much My grandmother would appreciate Me not being silent on the destruction of the Black race. No student loans just a lot to say and glad to have a platform to say it. No one has to agree with Me but they sure won’t stop Mr from saying it. Peace darling. Oh and got the pics from TMZ THEY would NOT post Photoshopped pics

  • PerthWarriorsRFC

    Cocking your head to the side will not make you less ugly.

  • Y Williams

    Girl have the right to be whomever she wants to be on any given day. Who the f%#k dress up to go to Dollar tree. She’s pregnant for Heaven’s sake.. Let her be! One thing for sure, she ain’t broke.

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