Serena Williams Pregnancy Pics Remind Me of Hottentot: The Urban Twist

Serena Williams is Back On Her Best Hottentot Bullsh*t. We Get It, You Crossed Over.

Serena Williams once loved for her talent, now flaunts her pregnancy lips and nude body in a display that makes me see her as a modern-day Hottentot.

pregnancy lips smh
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  • nevenera

    Nothing sadder than a black woman tearing down another black woman. After everything Serena has accomplished in her life, let her enjoy her pregnancy if she wants to. Alexis clearly loves an cherishes her, I just read an article about her being considered the greatest athlete second only to Jackie Robertson. That article was by a white man…contrast that with this article by a black woman…something seriously wrong here.

    I just don’t get it. Jealousy can be a really strange thing I guess. We have a beautiful, accomplished strong black woman, in her prime, at the top of her career. Winning in life on every stage possible, and some stupid petty women can’t get over themselves enough to be happy for her.

    From one confident, successful black woman to another, Serena… YOU GO GIRL!!!!!!

  • xmarisolx

    This article is pathetic and disgusting. Jealous much?!

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