Drew Vision Says He 'Want 'Em All' in Music Video [WATCH]

Drew Vision Says He ‘Want ‘Em All’ When It Comes to Women in Music Video [WATCH]

Drew Vision has worked with some of the biggest names in music: Beyonce, Kanye West and Justin Timberlake. And he’s just getting started.

His single “Want ’em All” has garnered over 32,000 views. In the track, the singer talks about how he can’t decide on a woman. “Every shape and every size that you come in / way too many to decide,” he sings until he relents that he just “want ’em all.”

The video features several different women from different ethnicities as they roll around in sprinkles. (the video unfortunately doesn’t show women of different sizes though which seems like a big missed opportunity considering the theme of the track.)

But other than that, the track is fairly solid so we’re definitely looking forward to his EP, Shades of Summer, that should provide some songs to groove to in the last days of the summer.

As for Queen Bey, the singer was not only one of her dancers in the music video for “Best Thing I Never Had.”  He also got some major props from her mom, Tina Knowles. In an interview with Vibe, he said: “She told me, ‘You have something, and I don’t tell that to everybody, so no matter what anybody says, keep pushing for whatever you want to do.'”

Check out his video for “Want ’em All” above. Also peep some photos the singer has with Mama Tina below!

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