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Remembering 9/11/01, the Day the U.S. Government Murdered Nearly 3,000 Americans.

On this day may we never forget, the U.S. government is one of the world’s biggest terrorist organizations with a history of being a part of devastation across the globe since its inception. On 9/11/2001, it killed almost three thousands Americans.



WTC on fire

Never forget that 16 years ago, on 9/11 2001, the American government launched an attack on its own people that killed almost three thousand people in New York, DC and possibly Pennsylvania.

For the last 16 years, the government and the news media has worked tirelessly to convince Americans and global citizens that the horrid attack on the World Trade Center in New York was perpetrated by Osama Bin Laden and Al Qaida. If you believe that, you’ve been properly brainwashed.

There is too much evidence that points directly to our government as the attackers, yet, so many want to believe the government and politicians simply because that is what they’ve been taught to do. This is no different than when a child blindly follows the word of an adult because they were taught that adults are wiser and should be listened to. We eventually grow up, we learn the adults weren’t perfect, they had flaws, they lied, they did bad things. Wake up America, your government is the adult that’s been lying to you your whole life.

Illegal immigrants are your Santa Claus, Al Qaida is your tooth fairy, attacks on civil liberties, there’s your Halloween, debt ceiling and debt crisis, you know money is an illusion, right? Here’s your Easter. The government has trained you on a series of falsehoods the same way your parents did your whole life.

My parents’ generation had the common questions, “Where were you when Kennedy was shot?” and “Where were you when you found out King was shot?” My generation has the question, “Where were you when the towers fell?” That day will never be erased from many of our minds. The aftermath, still being continued 16 years later, is something that will stay with Me for life.

Think I’m tripping? What’s the odds of the same crime happening in more than one place? If a crime was committed twenty years ago and worked, is it inconceivable that someone may have implemented it in another place? History has a way of repeating itself. Do you know about the first 9/11? It did not occur in the United States, it occurred in Chile.

9/11 chile

On September 11, 1973, the Chilean government launched an attack on its own people.  There is no way to pretend that the U.S. Government was not aware. In fact, president Richard Nixon had called for economic warfare. This was 1973 it had nothing to do with the 2001 attack, right? Wrong. This hung over the American government’s head for years right up until the 2001 attacks. A report prepared by the United States Intelligence Community in 2000, at the direction of the National Intelligence Council, that echoed the Church committee, states that,

“Although CIA did not instigate the coup that ended Allende’s government on 11 September 1973, it was aware of coup-plotting by the military, had ongoing intelligence collection relationships with some plotters, and—because CIA did not discourage the takeover and had sought to instigate a coup in 1970—probably appeared to condone it.”

Less than a year later, the same attack happened in the United States. Huge coincidence huh? During the attack, air traffic controllers weren’t immediately able to assist with information from the air because by another act of sheer coincidence, they were warned prior that a FEMA drill would be running that morning which involved planes being crashed into skyscrapers. The very people who protect the skies were confused as to whether what was happening was real life or part of the drill.

As the planes hit the towers in New York, I was at work in the book store of Johns Hopkins University. Watching the devastation, our administrators were terrified, Johns Hopkins being so renowned throughout the world, they weren’t sure if they were a target or where the next plane would hit, especially after the Pentagon was hit. They released all students and staff and urged us to get home.

As news started to trickle out about what had happened in New York and DC, the series of events seemed impossible and improbable to have happened the way they were described. On September 11, 2001, we watched planes (which I believe were military plans, not commercial airlines) crash into two of the buildings located at the World Trade Center. Later that day, we watched building seven fall in the exact same manner of the two buildings that were supposedly hit by planes. Building seven was not hit, not on fire, yet it fell on the same day and in the same way as buildings that were hit by planes. I guess that’s a huge coincidence.

Speaking of coincidence, it’s a major coincidence that planes that hit each tower once, above the 50th floor, yet could ignite these fire proof, steel beamed reinforced buildings. Jet fuel does not melt steel. It’s also a coincidence that the planes practically disintegrated, leaving only destruction in their wake. In a situation where no bodies were found of the so-called passengers, what did survive and was EASILY found was the supposed passport of one of the alleged hijackers. It’s almost preposterous to ask someone to believe that a plan can crash more than 50 stories high, kill and disintegrate everyone on board and in its path yet a piece of paper not only survived the crash but was found intact over 50 stories below.

You believe that? I don’t.

From the announcement Donald Rumpsfeld made on September 10, 2001, telling the nation that $2.3 trillion was missing in government fund, to the government offices housed in the World Trade center buildings on the floors hit, the government was given a blessing with the “terror attack.” The attack guaranteed that one, people would stop asking about the trillions missing, and secondly, would provide cover when asked about the missing money. IRS offices and more were destroyed.

After the attack, we launched a war initiative against Al Qaida, Iraq and Afghanistan. The U.S. government claimed it was after Osama Bin Laden, who they believed perpetrated the attacks. Millions of Americans were sent to war. The war stemming from the 9/11 attacks carried on throughout Bush’s next term and into the election of our 44th president, Barack Obama.

When Obama announced that Osama Bin Laden had been killed, I started to celebrate and caught myself. I don’t trust my government and I can cheer for the death of a man I know nothing about other than what the government told me. I did what I always do when I want the truth, turned to books. I picked up “Inside the Kingdom” by Carmen Bin Laden, his sister in law, “Growing Up Bin Laden” by his first wife and fourth son and “The Autobiography of Kola Boof”, written by a woman kidnapped and used as a sex slave by Bin Laden. The more I studied the man outside of the U.S. government’s perspective of him, I came to develop a modicum of respect for him. I then realize he was a scapegoat for the 9/11 attacks.

For the last 16 years, my eyes have been open to the treachery our government is capable of. Until the 9/11 attacks, like many, I was apolitical, had faith in the leaders of the free world and felt that truth would always win out.

After 9/11, I was forced to acknowledge information that I’d heard and learned while being raised in a home ran by a proud Muslim woman. I’d always tried to ignore certain things my grandmother taught me, thinking she was a little weird. She wasn’t. She was highly enlightened. These days, I am proud to say that I have my grandmothers spirit and tenacity for reading and researching, for seeking truth over propaganda.

On this day may we never forget, the U.S. government is one of the world’s biggest terrorist organizations with a history of being a part of devastation across the globe since its inception. On 9/11/2001, it killed almost three thousands Americans.

Ask yourself this, if the U.S. government is not responsible for what happened to those murdered on 9/11, why has it  paid out so much to the families in cash and medical expenses and  blocked the families from suing the nation our government blames the attacks on?

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Thinker, Avid Reader, Couch Potato. Sapphire Hill is a writer from Baltimore Maryland who loves to delve deeper into the whys of everything. Staff writer for 86 Blvd and Badd Magazine. Blogger and talent promoter for Sapphire Spotlight On Talent.


Usher’s Herpes Rumors Helped Me Deal with My Own Positive Status. No More Hiding in the Shadows.

I couldn’t tell anyone, not even my mother who understood STD’s, because our relationship was so abnormal I knew she’d tell everyone and use the info to emotionally abuse me.




I, like many females fans, had a mixed reaction when I heard the rumors that Usher was infected with  herpes simple 2 and  spreading it  to people unknowingly. I first felt sympathy for Usher, not his alleged victims.  To some, that is hard to understand but let me explain why, I know what it’s like to hide who you are for fear of public humiliation and loss of career.


Though, it has now been claimed that Usher could not have passed the illness to any of his former lovers, but that he is not even infected with the STD, the idea of Usher having herpes made me feel free. I grew up an Usher fan, He is only two years older than myself so when his “My Way” album dropped while he was in his late teens, I was an instant fan. Not only was his music soulful and catchy, but he could dance and he was fine as hell too.


I’ve had a major crush on the man since the song “My Way”. Over the years, I even fell in love with a woman who loved Usher even more than myself. She would throw the singer birthday parties, complete with a cake, and dance around the house listening to his music all day.


She, like Usher’s alleged sex partners, didn’t know that all along, while we were in love and loving Usher, that I was hiding a secret.



In 1996 My mother was diagnosed with HIV and I hated her for it. She had never been much of a mother and now this disease was threatening to take her away from me. You would think that my mother’s ailment would have made her talk to me about sex, or me be more cautious sexually, but it didn’t. My mother never admitted to us children she was HIV positive, we had to learn from other sources. Because she never wanted to admit her plight, she didn’t have the pertinent conversations with me, to teach me to protect myself.


I was 17-years-old and in love with an older guy when I noticed something wrong with me. My vaginal area was burning and there were sores that look like little knife cuts. I couldn’t figure out how I got tiny open wounds in my vaginal area, one morning I left the house as if I were going to school but went to the free clinic instead. I was told I had genital herpes. I was 17, and I thought my life was over.


I couldn’t tell anyone, not even my mother who understood STD’s, because our relationship was so abnormal I knew she’d tell everyone and use the info to emotionally abuse me. I suffered in silence. I never told my mom, nor my grandmother, whom we lived with.


When my mom died a few months after my diagnosis, my grandmother decided to put me in the system. Children protective services ran every test imaginable on me and found out I had herpes. When I later went to live with my father, it was on my paperwork and him and his wife were alerted without me telling them. They never did anything to get me help, or to guide me on the right path to dealing with it. I was a child.


After I had my son and moved out of my father and step mothers home, I was just out there. I had no good common sense from my upbringing. I was rather easy, felt unloved and unworthy of love and treated my life as if it didn’t matter. Initially, I tried being honest about my illness with the guys I met, the news was not always met with maturity. Eventually, I decided I would only tell people I thought would be around for long periods of time. I hated the constant rejection and always feared exposure.


In 2006, when I decided to join the adult entertainment industry, my main fear was someone finding out that I had an incurable std. It terrified me and stifled my growth. There were things I just could not do because of my health status I avoided anything that would require testing or public accountability. I recorded mainly with my actual boyfriend and sex partners who were privy to my health status. I’d be a liar if I said that I told everyone I slept with during that time frame or who even ate me out.


It got to the point in my life that I became so adept at hiding my STD status that for a while I blocked it out. It was almost as if it wasn’t even real, no longer a part of me. In 2008 I fell in love, it was love at first sight and we slept together on the first day. After a month of dating, I knew that I was head over heels in love but couldn’t muster up the courage to tell the guy that we had been having sex regularly, including oral, without me telling him my STD status.


Once I revealed that I carried herpes, he was upset but not furious he laid into my ass good but he too, had fallen in love, and accepted me wholeheartedly. Never once in our three-year relationship did he use it hurtfully.


I slept around after our relationship ended but didn’t date anyone seriously. While sleeping around I told 2 out of 5 sex partners about my herpes infection. I was still protecting my legacy. Though I had now retired from doing adult work, I was and still am, making money off My old work and fans.  I didn’t want to jeopardize that.


In 2014, I finally met a man I wanted to actually be with. I told him early on, remembering how good it was with my last ex once I was honest. He accepted me, so by the time we started having sex, I didn’t have to fear him finding out. He knew before we ever got intimate.


I started to realize I was ready to only date if I could be real. Earlier this year, when I decided to publish my third book, Reflections of a Survivor, I decided that I would finally publicly reveal what I had been hiding for 19 years. I told myself that I would expose myself to the public and take whatever consequence came my way.


In the midst of me releasing the book, two major things happened. I fell for a guy and Usher was accused of having and spreading herpes to multiple people.


While working on the new book I met a guy who fit my criteria for perfect man so well it’s scary. He looks at me like I am the best thing he’s ever seen and the passion that emanates when he looks at me, keeps me blushing.  The first time we were alone, he was looking at me like he would devour me, I took the time to be very upfront about my situation. I told him I was diagnosed as not only legally disabled but that I have had herpes for 19 years. I cried telling him because I couldn’t see him staying. He did. He held me while I cried and told me it was okay. He kissed me, and we had sex that day. A week later he went and got tested and brought me his paperwork so I would feel comfortable Since we started dating, he gets tested weekly but he doesn’t bring up my illness.


Emboldened by being so accepted, I reached out to my former sex partners that I hadn’t told. I had decided to share with them before the book was released and they heard the information from someone other than me.


Each that I told took it well, but one has ducked me since I told him I wanted to talk to him. I guess he doesn’t want to talk about it. I gave him enough info to know the convo we needed to have was about an std.


When Usher was accused of spreading herpes, after my sympathy for him, I was overjoyed. I was actually hopeful that he did have it because a mainstream celebrity having it can assist in normalizing it. With 90% of the people in the world carrying some form of herpes, you’d think it would be a topic more discussed. Like I say in my essay, “A Life of Authenticity “found inside “Reflections of a Survivor”, though so many people carry it, no one wants to talk about it. Not talking about STD’s is killing people and running lives.


The biggest bonus to the Usher herpes allegations, was the conversations being had around it. Though it is now being said that Usher does not have herpes and is planning to sue his accusers, I am grateful for the conversation starter. I am grateful of the journey I’ve been on that allows me to now say that I have had herpes for 19 years. I’m grateful for the fact that I now know I am worthy of love and affection despite what ailment I have.


I am glad that usher doesn’t have it, but I am so grateful that he was the centerpiece to start honest conversations about it. Even more, I am scared but excite that I no longer want to live in the shadows. Follow my journey via Stronger Than My Struggles.

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Serena Williams is Back On Her Best Hottentot Bullsh*t. We Get It, You Crossed Over.

Serena Williams once loved for her talent, now flaunts her pregnancy lips and nude body in a display that makes me see her as a modern-day Hottentot.



pregnancy lips smh

Serena Williams is back on her best Hottentot bullsh*t as she parades around showing off her swollen belly. We get it, Serena, you’re pregnant but sheesh woman, do you have to continue to rub your choice to cross over in our faces?

Last week, I held my tongues as Vanity Fair released a pregnancy spread featuring Serena flaunting her baby bump, which is much more than a bump these days.  As much as I wanted to say something then about how the spread showed her styled over and over nearly naked and in unflattering poses. It was extremely obvious the focus was on her pregnant stomach, not showing off a pregnant Serena Williams in any kind of positive light.

Vanity Fair Cover

Vanity Fair Cover

The photo shoot seemed more to me like a ritualistic way of showing that she had been bred. In fact, it made me think back when women were bought and sold on slave auction blocks. A woman who was able to breed was considered the good stock. She would produce more slaves.

Pregnant Serena

Pregnant Serena

I bit my tongue, however, there are more important things in my life than being mad Serena wants to act like a bed wench, Hottentot or anything else. Today, I was doing research on something else and an article on Serena Williams was in the ad space at the bottom of the article I was reading. The headline pissed me off.

The headline proudly proclaimed that Serena was “feeling herself” as she flaunted her pregnancy lips? Pregnancy lips? Really? There is no such thing as pregnancy lips, she need to show off the way she had degraded her bloodline is getting out of control.

pregnancy lips smh

pregnancy lips smh

We get it! You let the white boy knock you up. Who are you trying to impress? We Black women and men have always had luscious lips. The people who have to spend money to get lips like ours are the only ones impressed by your “pregnancy lips.” By the way, that upper lip looks like it needs to be checked. The middle looks weird.

To get on Snapchat and flaunt what no one else would even notice, is ridiculous. I wonder how many more stunts this once respected star will pull to draw attention to the fact that she had crossed over.

She has been doing weird things, drawing attention to herself since she announced her pregnancy with this interracial baby “accidentally” on social media. Chick, please. Like I said when I posted about her looking a mess in  Dollar Tree, it’s obvious this dude sperm is doing more than creating life inside of her, it has her acting and looking stupid.

She couldn’t even give the pregnancy shoot to a Black magazine. Ebony or Essence wasn’t good enough? Guess what Serena? If you were pregnant by someone named Tyrone or Darius, Vanity Fair wouldn’t be parading your naked pregnant ass around.

looking like the devil looking over her shoulder

looking like the devil looking over her shoulder

Her soon to be hubby looks very proud of his accomplishment in taking down one of the greatest. His own modern day Hottentot, kudos Alexis.

Keep playing the Hottentot to these people’s fantasies, they don’t have to put us in the museum on display anymore. Some of our women are happy to show off what’s been done to them on their own.

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Do the Lyrics of ‘4:44’ Prove that Beyonce Isn’t Blue Ivy’s “Natural” Mother?

Jay-Z said, “my child”, not our child and then followed it up with “Took for these NATURAL TWINS to believe in miracles.” I’m sorry, if Blue Ivy was conceived and born naturally, what’s so special about these “natural twins”?



I was so glad when Beyonce finally gave birth so that she could finally stop flaunting her stomach all over the place. We got it Beyonce, you were actually pregnant this time.  I say this time because, for years, it has been widely speculated that Beyonce is not Blue Ivy’s real mother.

In fact, there are many who are of the strong belief that Beyonce’s sister, Solange, is actually Blue Ivy’s mother. Others believe Jay and Bey used a surrogate.

Beyonce has vehemently slammed rumors that Blue Ivy was conceived in any way except the conventional way. It was 2013 when the singer said the following in an interview

“To think that I would be that vain. I respect mothers and women so much. To be able to experience bringing a child into this world, if you’re lucky and fortunate enough to experience that, I would never ever take that for granted. It’s the most powerful thing you can do in your life — and especially after losing a child, the pain and trauma from that just makes it mean that much more . . . A child, you don’t play around with that. My baby was born out of a conflict in my life and that struggle had to be settled. I wouldn’t have gone through the pain if I hadn’t gone down the path. There’s something so relieving about life taking over you like that. You’re playing a part in a much bigger show and that’s what life is, it’s the greatest show on earth . . . I felt like god was giving me a chance to assist in a miracle.”

This was right after the mega star revealed she had suffered a miscarriage. Still, some have continued to believe that Jay and Bey had Blue Ivy in a way that was not natural.

That’s what leads us to question Jay-Z’s meaning behind the not so cryptic lyrics of 4:44, the title track to his newly released album.


On 4:44 Jay-Z pours his heart out, apologizing for cheating on Beyonce, thinking of the shame he would endure if his kids knew. He also dropped the following  verse,

“I apologize often womanize / Took for my child to be born / See through a woman’s eyes / Took for these natural twins to believe in miracles / Took me too long for this song / I don’t deserve you.”

Jay-Z said, “my child”, not our child and then followed it up with “Took for these NATURAL TWINS to believe in miracles.” I’m sorry, if Blue Ivy was conceived and born naturally, what’s so special about these “natural twins”?

Knowing that many have always questioned  Blue’s real heritage, Beyonce made a point to flaunt her pregnancy belly. There are surprisingly very little video and photo footage of Beyonce when pregnant with Blue Ivy. No one can say that about the twins. From the moment that the Formation singer announced her pregnancy, she has been flaunting her stomach as much as possible so people will know she was really pregnant.

pregnant beyonce

Okay we get it, the twins, ( rumored to be named Rumi and Sir Carter but not yet confirmed by the proud parents) were born out of love BUT can anyone explain why Jay-Z spoke of having a daughter THEN having “natural” twins? Don’t give me that natural birth stuff either, this album was complete before she gave birth and none of us even know if she had a natural birth.

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