The Peanut Gallery's Flee Jones Gives An Encouraging Message on 'Time Flies' | The Urban Twist
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The Peanut Gallery’s Flee Jones Gives An Encouraging Message on ‘Time Flies’

“Don’t look back, just go straight ahead.”



The Peanut Gallery Flee Jones

Marvel’s Luke Cage reminded us to go “never backward, always forward.”

Now The Peanut Gallery’s Flee Jones is encouraging people to do the same in his track “Time Flies.” In the Apollo V-produced track, Flee Jones encourages listeners to “don’t look back” and to “just go straight ahead.”

Unfortunately, the song isn’t as good as the message. Between the obvious Auto-Tune and random yelling in the background towards the end, the track is a mess. The good news? It COULD work as a decent rollerskating track. Check it out below.

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