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Time Traveler Reveals 2100 President Will Resolve a Crisis in Asia and Bring World Peace

A woman who claims to be a time traveler from the future apparently has inside information on who will be the US president in the year 2100.

Pascal Mnyika



According to a video posted by Apex TV,  Mona who claims to be a time traveler hired by United States government to travel in time from the year 2100 surprised many people when she claimed that the government had sent her to the 1950 and 1980s but declined to explain what her mission was but pointing out the details were boing.

The woman whose identity was concealed said that she was from the year 2100. She claimed that she was recruited to be a time traveler for the government. Even though she was a government employee, she did not receive a salary for her services but she believed in her work and never complained about not being paid.

The woman revealed that when she received a mission, they gave her a colored jacket whose color revealed how much “power the time traveler yielded.” She went on to say that most time travelers had very little power because they were workers for the government and “not real people.” Mona said that the weirdest thing that happened to her was many of her friends committed suicide because they couldn’t handle the stress involved in the job. she explained every time one of her friends took their own lives she could not stop crying.

When explaining why she was not bothered by the fact that she did not receive a paycheck she claimed that she had access to many “free things,”  because woman was part of an underground society since she was a time traveler. Apparently, the underground community took care of each other and money was not needed.

In other revelations, she claimed that flying cars are not something used in the future in the US but points out that Europe used flying vehicles,  while America she claimed: “on the ground type cars”.In the year 2100, she claims the highways will have solar panels along the side of the road, which somehow recharge the electric cars while driving and reduces car crashes but did not give details on how that worked.

The highlight of her revelation was when she claimed that in 2100 the President is 65 years old and a very kind man. She noted that he wasn’t the best president, but he helped resolve a crisis in Asia and bring world peace. Mona abruptly ended her video stating that she wasn’t allowed to say anything else or she could risk her own safety.

Do you believe in time travel? What is your take on this story?