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DMX Taken Into Custody for Failing Drug Tests

DMX may be heading back to prison after failing his latest drug test.

Brennen Jones



DMX was taken into custody in a Manhattan court Tuesday morning for failing drug tests, reports TMZ.

The judge reportedly ruled DMX a flight risk after he tested positive for opiates, cocaine and oxycodone.

The rapper was out on bail for his tax evasion case, but was recently videotaped at the airport in St. Louis, giving an impromptu sermon and buying drinks for passengers, as well as reportedly drinking himself, even though he was supposed to be traveling with his sober coach.

“So I praised God for my difficult situations, because it’s in these situations I became aware what God is willing to do for me,” DMX said in the video. “I know what God is capable doing, but I won’t know what’s he willing to do for me until I need him to do it for me. That’s pretty much all that matters. What he will do for you. That’s the only thing that could be your testimony — what God is willing to do for you and] what has God done for you.”

Prosecutors pointed to that video in making their recommendation for him to be jailed, according to U.S. Attorney Spokesman Nicholas Biase. DMXs attorney Murray Richman said he was saddened and disappointed by the news.

“We’ll have to deal with it accordingly,” he told TMZ, adding that he’s going to try to get the rapper into another rehab program.

According to TMZ, the judge said DMX had told a “great big lie” when he agreed to his bail terms.

DMX is set to be sentenced in March.

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