Meet Samirah Raheem, The Viral ‘SlutWalk’ Star We’re Stanning

Samirah Raheem is quickly becoming a star as her SlutWalk interview with Jesse Lee Peterson went viral.
Samirah Raheem

Samirah Raheem is quickly becoming a star as her SlutWalk interview with Jesse Lee Peterson went viral. During the clip, Raheem talks to The Jesse Lee Peterson Show host, who’s known for his misogynistic views, about her opinions on owning the word slut and who it applies to.

“Yes, we are all sluts. You’re a slut. All these dudes behind you are sluts. Your cameraman’s a slut. You’re PA is a slut. And ya mike’s a slut,” she says with a smile.

Peterson goes on to ask what makes her define herself as a slut. “Because I own my body. My body is not a political playground. It’s not a place for legislation. It’s mine and it’s my future,” she says. “Ayyy”

The video has since gained nearly ten million views while Raheem, who works as a model in Los Angeles, has over 100,000 followers on Instagram.

As for her definition of the word, Raheem said rather than going by the definition made by men for women, she chooses another path. “A slut is what I made it. A boss, getting money, taking the mic, turning life around, taking over Hollywood,” she says as she grabs the mic from Peterson.

Raheem was off of Instagram for awhile after her account was hacked but she’s back on the social media platform now.

“A year ago this account was hacked instagram told me there was nothing I could do to get it back,” read a recent post. “I started all over in many areas of my life. This morning I got an email saying I could reset my password. #millienalproblems”

In another post, she also commented about her recent fame.

“Growing up it’s been a very interesting journey I’ve always been a walking contradiction. I never thought I’d have a voice like this. I was often ashamed of being opinionated and louder than most. I tried to make myself smaller to fit into social circles. I genuinely thank you guys for your overwhelming love & support. There’s no more hiding. Thank y’all for forcing me to step into my unapologetic tongue,” read another post.

We stan!

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