Genucel Leads The Way In Helping Others

While most domestic relationships are comforting and loving, there are unfortunately others where various types of abuse take place.

While most domestic relationships are comforting and loving, there are unfortunately others where various types of abuse take place. In fact, statistics show that every 20 seconds across the nation, a man or woman in a domestic relationship is abused. While all 50 states deal with this problem, some such as New Jersey have higher rates of domestic abuse. Based on statewide statistics, an act of domestic violence occurs every seven minutes in New Jersey. To help in an effort to curb this problem and help those who find themselves victims of domestic abuse, Genucel recently contributed $5,000 to New Jersey’s Moving Beyond Abuse 5k Race and Charity Walk.

Since the company is based in New Jersey, company executives believe showing their support for such an important cause is vital to helping end the cycle of abuse many individuals experience on a daily basis. With many victims suffering from such problems as low self-esteem, anxiety and depression, and even suicidal thoughts, it is crucial to help end this problem as quickly as possible. In addition to these problems, many victims suffering from physical abuse often have the added burden of trying to conceal bruises, scratches, and cuts around their neck and facial area.

While many victims try to use creams and makeup to conceal the extent of their injuries from family and friends, there are no creams or makeups that can take away the emotional and psychological pain they are experiencing. Because of this, Genucel’s executives have chosen to take the lead among cosmetic companies in the United States when it comes to preventative care.

Viewed as a strong partner with many domestic violence groups within New Jersey, Genucel has for many years helped support Women Aware, perhaps the state’s best-known domestic violence prevention group. Operating various shelters, providing much-needed programs to victims, and creating hotlines for victims to call when they need help, Women Aware has been able to impact the lives of many victims, helping them escape potentially life-threatening situations to start life anew.

Realizing it takes the work of many to help in this cause, Genucel team members have worked with many other companies and organizations to both help in raising donations as well as making donations themselves. Along with the Mary Kay Foundation, Bristol Meyers Squibb, FEMA, and the New Jersey Department of Justice, the company has helped pave the way for Women Aware to provide food, clothing, shelter, educational programs, and many other services to victims, the majority of whom are low-income earners and rarely have the means needed to escape their abusive situations.

Based out of Edison, New Jersey for many years, Genucel is known not only for its willingness to help various local organizations, but also for its wide variety of excellent beauty products. Some of the company’s most popular items are its eye skincare products, such as its eyelid treatment that is made to make droopy eyelids once again look youthful. Using innovative formulas based on state-of-the-art plant science, these and many other products are becoming more and more popular with men and women of all ages. For example, check out one of their most popular products:

Focusing on a holistic approach to beauty, the company has achieved a BBB rating of A+, demonstrating the commitment it has not only to its philanthropic ventures, but also its products and customers.

While the battle to end domestic abuse and violence will no doubt be a long and hard struggle, Genucel’s commitment to partnering with other companies and organizations gives hope to those attempting to end the suffering of others. In doing so, the company makes it easier for others to join the battle.

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