Sunday Riley Takes the Skincare Industry by Storm With Good Genes

Cult beauty brands have taken the world by storm.

Cult beauty brands have taken the world by storm. Have a look at any makeup related hashtags on Instagram, and you will probably find a wide range of brands that influencers swear by. One particular product that has been receiving an incredible amount of attention is Sunday Riley. The skincare brand has been featured numerous times on pages by popular skincare enthusiasts and makeup artists and is being given an incredible amount of praise.

In spite of the impact that the brand has been making across social media, very few people actually know about the person who created this brand and the products that they offer. We are talking about Texan native Sunday Riley.

Filling A Void in The Market

The brand has always been about delivering a skincare line that was free from additives and chemicals that could harm the skin. The reason for this is also because of the principles that Riley stands by. Being someone who actively looked for ingredients on skin care products, she realized that most of the options available were actually contributing to long term damage. There were incredibly few products that offered a natural alternative that would act just as efficiently as the chemicals in regular products, but which also wouldn’t have any long-term effects on the user’s skin.

Back in 2009 is when Riley realized that she would be the one to fill the void in the industry. She wanted to create a line of products that used botanicals and natural ingredients that were proven to have a good effect on one’s skin. With time, she improved the line of products that she wanted to put out, leading to the extensive range that the brand currently offers today.

Constant Improvement

One of the things that Riley has always believed in is continuously improving the kind of product that they want to sell. Contrary to what one might believe, Riley isn’t actually a cosmetic chemist. She simply learned to identify and work with products by taking a hands-on approach with the brand. Every product that she comes up with goes through a serious round of testing. In addition to it working as intended, the products put out should also be in keeping with the additional factors that Riley wants to implement. Fragrance, texture, and feel are all important, and only when all the necessary criteria are met do they go onto the shelves.

Delivering an Authentic Product Range

There is no doubt that Sunday Riley has become a huge success in the industry and is someone who has managed to carve her position within the skincare and cosmetics industry. One of the most popular product lines that were launched under the brand was Good Genes. The product functions as an all in one lactic acid treatment that is meant to take care of the signs of aging as well as dark spots and uneven skin tones.

One of the reasons why Good Genes has become such an incredibly popular choice for women all over the world is because of the brand’s ability to fill out the gaps in the market. When the product line was being designed, there weren’t any lactic acid products that took care of common skin problems that people faced. When Good Genes was release, this void was suddenly taken care of, and the product became synonymous with lactic acid skincare formulas.


There is no doubt that this name is becoming one of the more well-known in the skincare industry. The brand is set to release more products in the future to target a wider audience and to be a one-stop solution for all skin concerns.

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