Skin treatment for the New Year

2019 is almost upon us.  It may just be October but you’ll have noticed that the shops have…

2019 is almost upon us.  It may just be October but you’ll have noticed that the shops have turned their attention to Christmas. We think this is a good time of year to start making positive plans for your health and beauty. 

Think about all the indulgences you will be facing over the forthcoming festive period, it’s a good idea to bring healthy eating and getting in shape to the top of your wish list.  Do you still have that gym membership you bought at the start of the year? Have you been using the diet recipe books you were sold at the beginning of the year? What is the quantity of booze you’ve been consuming?

It’s time to get ahead and at Emma Coates, we believe in results-driven skincare for the face and the body.  

It is just a few of us who have what could be called ‘normal skin’. It’s odd isn’t it that something that far from the norm for the majority of us is called ‘normal’!

For most of us, we have multiple issues to contend with: dry, oily, pigmentation, combination, sensitive, dehydrated, rosacea – one way or another we’ve all probably come across one of them. Some of us have more than one – even having three or four of them are far from uncommon.

What you need to do in situations like this is prioritize the conditions by the chances of the capacity of the untreated issue to cause pain and potential for long-lasting damage, like broken capillaries or scarring.

Because sensitivity is so important a good product to choose is a good moisturizer. Next up would be dehydration. Dehydrated skin absorbs pretty much anything that is put on it, but it’s important to apply any anti-aging serums regularly. Otherwise, you may just be filling a gap rather than protecting against problems.

In actual fact, 95% of us are dehydrated at some point in the day. You may leave your home with a perfectly hydrated face but by mid-morning your skin can become dehydrated.

If sensitivity is King, dehydration is the Queen and a recommended product choice would be some form of toning. You could start with acid on a cotton pad followed by a spritz and hyaluronic acid serum. Neither product should irritate and cause any other issues.

After this first phase, you can become more general. If you have dry skin then you can apply some facial oil or a balm cleanser. Because dryness and dehydration often cross over they should be treated simultaneously.

With oily skin, applying an acid toner and essence are as good as the correct moisturizer. With acne, acid toning is key along with a moisturizer. But it’s advised to consider how you may replenish the oils in your skin if you employ an oil-free moisturizer.

If you are a sufferer of melasma or chloasma if you’re pregnant, it’s good to know that melasma and pigmentation are not the same things. The causes of pigmentation, for example, can be sun damage or acne scarring, picking spots or inflammation. This sort of issue can, in general, be treated with a topical product like a glycolic, kojic or azelaic acid, a retinoid, and licorice with a modicum of success.

At Emma Coates, we aim to help people reach their full potential. With this in mind, we are proud to be at the forefront of advanced skin therapies.

We have been running aesthetic training courses for more than 10 years and believe we have achieved the status of being the best aesthetic training company in the UK.

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