How to keep your home feeling rejuvenated over the winter period

The winter is the season that most of us start to become a little lax on home improvements…

The winter is the season that most of us start to become a little lax on home improvements and spring cleaning. All we want to do is come home and spend time in the warm, rather than trekking outside in the cold air. However, a bit of upkeep on your home will give you far less to do in the springtime. It will also make those cold winter nights all the more enjoyable to spend inside, particularly if your home feels clean and updated. 

Patch up the lawn

It’s always better to start doing little bits of garden maintenance in the fall and winter. When it finally comes round to spring again, you want your garden to be able to jump back into life in a way that is coordinated and well put together. Not tweaking your garden can leave it looking a bit threadbare or tangled when spring comes around again. You can buy grass seed online, for example, that gets delivered right to your door. 

De-clutter the bathroom

Bathrooms are often the smallest rooms in the house, and so when they become an unintentional bottle graveyard, they can start to look really messy. Chucking out old medicine boxes, shampoo bottles, and other products we never really use anymore can help create some breathing space. You can purchase an organizer from stores like Bed Bath and Beyond for relatively cheap. Once it’s clear you may notice some other cleaning duties that need doing such as tidying up the grouting and a general deep-clean. 

Refresh the bedding

Let’s face it: in the winter months, you’re going to be less inclined to launch out of bed and hop straight into the shower. Colder mornings are more likely to be spent avoiding getting out of bed, particularly on the weekends. Updating your linens and bedding will make your bedroom feel new and welcoming: after all the bed is likely to be the main centerpiece of that room.

Invest in a digital thermostat 

As the chill sets in, you’re going to need to start using the heating with increasing frequency. If you’re on a bit of a tight-budget just be mindful of the fact that not running it could cause problems such as mold. Investing in a digital thermostat will keep your home warm enough (to your liking) at a consistent level without having to turn the heating on and off again every time the temperature dips. 

Re-coordinate the kitchen

Refurbishing the kitchen can be an incredibly expensive venture. After all, many people only refurbish their kitchen when they happen to have come into a bit of money, or have saved up for a prolonged period of time. A cheaper way to achieve a polished look is to coordinate items and appliances with the color-scheme that already exists. 

There’s nothing quite like coming home to a comforting and warm home in the winter months. Giving it a bit of a spruce will make it an extra welcoming place to spend your weekends and evenings.

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