Who are the rising stars in the current NBA scene?

The 74th NBA season kicked off in late October 2019 so we have now had a few weeks’…

The 74th NBA season kicked off in late October 2019 so we have now had a few weeks’ action to enjoy. Of course, with the season running until April 2020, there will be many more exciting games and must-see moments to come. Many sports fans in the U.S. can now get even closer to the action with sports betting now legal in many states. Fans in Pennsylvania can bet on games via the Sugarhouse online PA site and this is true for basketball fans in other states where betting on games is allowed by law. This not only makes watching games more dramatic but brings you closer to the high-octane thrills which the NBA offers.

Key to all this enjoyment is watching the players out on the court. We all know about the big names like LeBron James and Steph Curry but this is not all the NBA has to offer. There are some young guns looking to make their name and rising stars who already have a buzz around them who play their part.

But just who are the players to keep an eye on this season?

Jayson Tatum – Boston Celtics

One player whose stock is certainly rising quickly in the NBA is Jayson Tatum. Still a young player, he has really stepped up to the plate during this season and pushed on from a promising campaign last year. This has seen him become a key player in both offense and defense for the Celtics. Many experts rate him as one of the best on/off players around the pro league and point to his exceptional defending skills. Although he could still improve his stats around scoring efficiency, there is no doubt he is one of the best young scorers in his position. When you look at the way he has handled the pressure of stepping up this season, it is clear to see why many are sitting up to take note in the NBA.

Trae Young – Atlanta Hawks

With many pegging this guy as the best NBA point guard currently at only 21 years old, you can see how quickly his star is rising. Young plays for the Atlanta Hawks and has really stepped into the limelight in recent times. A real pick and roll wizard, he is a top playmaker already and adept at throwing accurate passes to teammates. He has also added a right to left crossover move to his game lately which has allowed him to score more regularly in 2019/20. If he can keep progressing at the rate he is now and adding these sorts of new features to his game, the sky is the limit. With 73 dribbles away from the pick so far in 2019/20, the future looks bright for him.

Luka Doncic – Dallas Mavericks 

To say that this 20-year-old player has made a real impact for the Mavericks is an understatement. In the 100 games he has got under his belt to date, he has shown himself to be a true talent. This has seen him adored by fans in Dallas and become a name that more people around the NBA are picking up on. It is exciting to think about just how far he could go in 5 years’ time! Doncic is all about the offense and he usually averages triple digits in games he plays. Although his defensive game needs work, his sheer energy and scoring prowess is hard to knock.

Karl-Anthony Towns – Minnesota Timberwolves

It may seem a little strange to include Towns here as he is now in his 5th season in Minnesota. It really feels though that this is the year he is making his name and getting people to notice him properly. So far this year, Towns is shooting like a dream and holding his own with top-end players such as Steph Curry in terms of stats. His 3 point shooting has been particularly impressive – not only for the accuracy but for the frequency too. His clever shooting from a distance also allows space to be created for teammates to exploit. Many are thinking that this is the year where Towns could show everyone what he is all about and even make it into the MVP team come season end. 

Young stars set to deliver more thrills

As the NBA season still has a long way to go in 2019/20, it gives the above players even more chance to show everyone how good they are. If they continue to perform at the same level they have done in recent times, they will surely go on to even greater things next year. With the NBA needing a regular flow of superstar players to keep it fresh, these are the players who could do it.

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