Make Your Donation To Yad Ezra V`Shulamit

Yad Ezra V`Shulamit is an organization that majors in humanitarian acts.

Yad Ezra V`Shulamit is an organization that majors in humanitarian acts. It was founded with intentions to end poverty in Israel about 20 years back. After many years of service, they have not been able to entirely end the poverty cycle. However, they have done so much to improve the livelihood of the less fortunate around Israel. 

Millions have benefited from their projects all thanks to the donors across the world who have ensured that this organization lives to fulfill its mission. It helps people who desperately need help. This includes single parents, poor families, orphans, the elderly, the sick and the immigrants. 

Their goal is to ease the pain and suffering of less fortunate families. Also, it’s their responsibility to give needy people hope by providing their basic needs. So make your donation here and be part of what this charity organization is doing.

Learn about their food relief program

Yad Ezra V`Shulamit provides about 3, 500 food baskets weekly. Also, they offer 25,000 baskets of food for Passover and Hashanah. In connection with this, they have other projects. For instance, there is a center where children come after school and they get fed every day. Besides, there is a job desk from which they supply school-related stuff, winter provisions not to mention emergency relief and so forth.

Afternoon Enrichment Centers for the children and Youth 

Yad Ezra V`Shulamit has established 14 youth/children centers. They are situated across Israel. These centers are put in place to provide nourishing meals to children who can’t afford those meals. They are also given other services such as private tutoring, psychological services, clothing, school supplies, extra-curricular activities and so on.

There are Youth Leadership Centers to provide youths between 13-18 years a peaceful social setting.  That way, there dignity, and self-esteem are restored not to mention that they get to learn how to be responsible members of society. They learn Jewish customs and get leadership training to help them manage their future. Besides, the setting gives them a workplace experience that tends to be so helpful in the long run.

Are you still asking why donate to Yad Ezra V`Shulamit?

Life can be so unpredictable. Some people receiving aid from Yad Ezra V`Shulamit were doing well before life tragedies befell them. Of course, reducing everything they had to zero.  Taking this case, for example, a woman who is a widow has lost 2 of her beloved children to an accident. 

 She is left with 6 children to cater to them by herself. Again, the idea of not having her husband by her side leaves her in despair. Just when she thought that her life has to come to an end, Yad Ezra V`Shulamit comes in and restores her hope. 

She is provided with clothing and footwear which she so much needed. Her hungry, tired, cold and hopeless family gets to stand on its foot again. Being human is the ability to see the affliction of others and act accordingly. There is nothing that’s ever too little to be shared out. Restore life to a dying soul today with your donation to Yad Ezra V`Shulamit.

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