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With lovely weather, lively nightlife, enticing delicacies and innumerable tourist spots like Agah khan Palace in its vicinity – PUNE has everything one would need to lead a dreamy life.

With lovely weather, lively nightlife, enticing delicacies and innumerable tourist spots like Agah khan Palace in its vicinity – PUNE has everything one would need to lead a dreamy life.

Once the city of Peshwa’s Pune has a lot on its plate to offer. Even after promoting the upmarket fashion and lifestyle trends for a long long span, the people of this city still manage to not only keep up but also nurture their rich ethnic culture along with their traditional moral values. The tales of Pune not only ends here, what makes Pune even more dreamy is the multitude of multi-national companies that have their hubs here. With the astonishing civilization of MNC’s in Pune the demand of living spaces has exponentially hiked in a short period of time. The people who wish to settle in Pune can easily find ready for possessions flats in here. All you need to do is a good probing of the city and contact either some good brokers or surf the internet.

The flats in Pune are not only affordable but also durable. The investment money can easily be reimbursed due to the absolutely high flow of flats on rent. If the flats in Pune are put on a lease it will definitely prove to be a consistent source of income as the students who come here due to the presence of great learning university and colleges are always in the search for a good living space. The universities in Pune are world renowned and the trainings given to students here is well recognized by the whole country. Every year about 50 thousand and more students shift here to get into these colleges.

If not that, the houses can be always be put up for resale with the help of little bit of improvisations in the interior and the exteriors at a greater price. In the world of fluctuating real estate business, the property market in Pune shows a great stability. The fluidity of the real estate market and especially in the field of residential spaces the investment can be made with complete faith. Apart from all this, the small geographical extent of the city of Pune makes the commute shorter as well as easier. Due to the shorter commute, all the basic amenities like hospitals, schools, market place etc. lie in close proximity only which is an added advantage to settle down in this city. 

The newly build living spaces in Pune are designed by keeping the idea of flats or apartments in mind. The concept of building flats in pune has not only increased the number of living spaces but also has solved the trouble of parking spaces as these flats in Pune have huge society campuses. The best part of these flats in Pune is that they are all ready for possession so to be brief all what you need to do is pack up all your stuff and just shift over.

Here are some of the prime locations for flats in Pune:

  • NANDED, PUNE, INDIA: One of the great locations to own a flat in Pune is without a doubt Nanded. The area is located centrally in the city and has flawless road facilities. The houses here are equipped with in campus ATMs, fire fighting systems and elevators of course. These flats in Pune are ready for possession. The society campuses have well maintained parks with security service 24/7. The flats in Pune specifically in this area range somewhere around 70 lakhs to 90 lakhs.
  • CHOKHI DHAANI, PUNE, INDIA: The place is one of the most posh and up standard areas of all. As the name suggests the locality has a touch of the ethnicity. The area has a lively vibe in the air. Flats in Pune are extremely spacious and also infrastructurally sound. The buildings out here are equipped with all the possible luxurious amenities like gyms, swimming pools, kitchen gardens and what not. Another thing to consider here is the uptight security service that is provided to the residents 24/7. These society campuses have ample parking spaces and in some cases the flats have their separate parking garages. A flat in Pune in this location is priced somewhere between 1 crore to 3 crores depending upon the square foot space you want to flat to occupy. Most importantly the flats are ready for possession and can be handed over to you within a time period of a week after of course you make the payment for it. 
  • SUNARWADI, PUNE, INDIA: Sunarwadi is a place located in the central part of Pune. Here you can find flats ready for possession under your budget. The flats here have a wide range cost wise. This place has flats under every budget but what needs to be done is serious exploring. The place has a very warm homely vibe along with great apartment towers which are quite pleasing to the eyes. The flats in Pune, specifically in this location, have excellent ventilation and are spacious. Majority of the towers are newly built and ready possession flats in pune . The flats here are equipped with power backup, parking spaces and great market areas. These flats in Pune are between the range of 60 lakhs to 90 lakhs depending upon each square foot area. 
  • CHINCHWAD, PUNE, INDIA: Lying on the outskirts of Pune, Chinchwad has an upbeat real estate market especially when residential properties are concerned. The flats here are all ready for possession once the payment is done. The apartments have big campuses comprising of power backup systems and security service. Buying a flat in Pune here in Chinchwad out of all the other places would be a wise decision as many would agree that a home away from the city crowd is a better way to lead life. The flats here are spacious and well ventilated. They range from 90 lakhs to around 3 crores depending upon the area you want to occupy. There are too many options each one better than the previous, all you need to do is explore as much as you can.
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