Top 5 Online Travel Marketplaces Of 2020

We have brought you the list of Top 5 online travel marketplaces, which are designed and operated by travel experts, who are specialized in the hard parts of planning a trip to ensure you enjoy a travel plan tailored just for you.

Planning a trip takes a lot of time and effort. You have to decide where to eat, what places to visit, what transportation to board, and where to sleep while staying within your budget. That’s why we have brought you the list of Top 5 online travel marketplaces, which are designed and operated by travel experts, who are specialized in the hard parts of planning a trip to ensure you enjoy a travel plan tailored just for you.

These online travel marketplaces connect best travel providers with consumers and offer maximum customization, lowest price quotations, excellent customer services, and numerous other features, all at one place, subsequently giving you relief from travel hassles, calling hundreds of different travel agents and filling lead generation forms.


Airbnb provides an online travel marketplace platform to the hosts and guests who can use it without encountering prejudice or discrimination. It allows property owners in over 191 countries worldwide to rent out their spaces like private rooms, shared spaces, or entire property to travelers. It is massively popular, and over 100 million people have booked a rental property through it.  


  • It offers access to over five million exceptional places to stay in over 80 thousand cities and 191 countries.
  • Its unique and edged out ideas allow the host to interact with stranger travelers and let them stay in their place like a paying guest.
  •  It allows hosts to earn 2 times or even three times more by renting their space for the short term, instead of long term rentals
  • Guests can filter out staying space according to room type, price, host language, amenities, and lot more.

With the vision of bringing the human touch back into the world of online travel, to redefine the booking and planning experience for today’s travellers, and take them places they have never been, started its personalized online travel market place in 2014. Travellers can have access to more than five thousand top travel destinations worldwide and five hundred thousand plus exceptional places to stay across the globe. 

The unique features, great passion, and an excellent team of have led the company to win several awards, including “9th Annual Best in Biz Awards“, “The Deloitte Technology Fast 500,” And “2019 Comparably Award.” 


  • Easy access to great deals and offers for massive savings on hotel room rates.
  • An army of customer success agents deployed for 24/7 to guide and advise customers.
  • It provides access to more than 500,000 hotels in top destinations across the globe.
  • Highly personalized booking experience according to customer’s time-spanning and budget.
  • Quick, easy, and secure booking and checkout process.
  • Instant Booking Confirmation.


Uber has taken the taxi service to the next level by providing an ultimate platform for travelers and taxi drivers to interact. It assists the passengers to grab the taxi and travel across the town using a mobile App. This online travel service ensures the maximum security of the taxi driver and passenger so that people can move freely, make the most of their time, and be connected to their loved ones and desired places.


  • Available in 700 plus cities across the globe.
  • Millions of riders are available 24/7 to give their services.
  • IOS and Android Smartphone app enable the passenger to hire a ride with few taps. Moreover, it also provides complete details and reviews about the drive, besides its exact location on the map.
  • Passenger can enjoy the ride and pay for it using cash or credit/debit cards.
  • It provides a smooth and secure platform for taxi drivers and even part-time drivers to earn their living using their vehicles. is one of the most prominent online travel market places that provide unlimited choice to travelers as well as access to the vast audience to hoteliers, B&B, villas owners. Over one million locations are listed on this platform around the globe, giving travelers endless opportunities, memorable experience, unlimited transportation and living options – from homes to hotels, and much more.


  • The offers incredible selections, variety of places to choose from at affordable rates. All the reservations are confirmed instantly with complete security and without reservation fees.
  • It is available in 43 languages, with more than 28 million reported accommodation listings.
  • Over 6.2 million apartments, homes, villas, hotel rooms, and other unique places are listed for rent on this platform.
  • 24/7 customer support. helps the travellers discover and book amazing things to do, to make their trip unforgettable with their friends and family. It is the one-stop-shop for travelers that provides all the necessary travel information in one place. All the info is handpicked by travel experts, which is then processed and beautifully displayed to the user via the website. Its easy to navigate interface, travel guides, and tons of categories to explore will give you a unique and personalized experience you will love.


  • It is more than just booking a hotel room or a taxi. Travelers can explore and enjoy tons of activities according to the place they choose.
  • Insider Tips, hidden gems from task makers, and complete itineraries are featured on their “Perfect Days” section.
  • Excellent 24/7 customer service
  • Highest Quality vendors who are handpicked by travel experts
  • Flexible Cancellation Policy to terminate any booked activity within 24 hours without any charge
  • Best and lowest price guaranteed for your activity. 
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