How Is Technology Used in Healthcare?

For many years, technology and its applicable uses have made a lasting impact on the field of healthcare.

For many years, technology and its applicable uses have made a lasting impact on the field of healthcare. From using artificial intelligence to developing interoperability for electronic health records across the country, technology in healthcare continues to have exciting developments. For example, Roivant Sciences develops innovative and new medicines designed to improve health. Learn more about advances in healthcare technology and how it is advancing the sector.

New medicines are tested and created often by the biopharmaceutical industry.

Developing new medicines and potential cures for ailments involve using technology and innovative methods, and the team at Roivant Sciences does that with their vants such as Datavant, Immunovant, Dermavant, Enzyvant, and others that work to create new medicine for conditions such as sickle cell disease, Parkinson’s disease, vitiligo, and many more. The biopharmaceutical industry works tirelessly to create these innovative medicines as well as try to find cures for rare diseases.

OKR software helps healthcare staff align objectives and track outcomes.


Large healthcare organizations such as hospitals and doctor’s practices can use OKR software, which measures objectives and key results for the entire organization and outlines it clearly for every single employee. When employees know what company goals are, it can help increase their employee engagement, and OKR software helps to show them what they are directly doing to contribute to those goals. Additionally, using tools like Slack and Trello can help employees communicate efficiently and track their progress on interdepartmental tasks and goals.

Electronic health records make it easier for physicians, nurses, and others to access patient data.


Using electronic health records has many benefits for the healthcare industry, but there is a challenge in that each healthcare system uses different ways to store patient data. Interoperability would make that easier, and many are working to make that happen. Until then, the EHRs do make it easier for nurses, physicians, and other caregivers to access the information they need in order to effectively care for their patients. They can transfer the patient records across the country easily, without needing to send them via mail or fax. Using secure systems that adhere to HIPAA laws, the medical professionals caring for a patient can get the data they need. For example, if someone living in Seattle, WA, needs to go to a hospital in New York City, that NYC hospital can reach out to the Seattle healthcare provider and get their data quickly.

Medical devices and wearables can help with tracking disease information and patient needs.


A huge part of medical technology these days is the expanding Internet of Things that includes wearables and medical devices. Wearables such as Apple watches, Fitbits, and other fitness trackers can help measure certain patterns in a person’s health. In some cases, the Apple watch has even been credited with saving lives. A man in Texas said that the Apple watch detected irregularities in his heartbeat, which led him to seek out medical attention for atrial fibrillation, a condition that can lead to strokes or heart attacks.

Data-driven decisions may save money and streamline processes.


Analyzing patient data can help save money within healthcare organizations and find any potential weaknesses. For example, an organization in Minnesota was able to save more than $150 million when they decided to focus on cardiovascular care. They took a look at population health issues and tested new processes. Using this data to streamline their processes helped them to avoid more than 1,000 ICU admissions, 3,200 days in the hospital, and more than 140,000 lab tests. Overall, reducing hospital costs translates to more efficient care for Americans and can help to reduce their medical bills.

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