Bodybuilding and the Steroids: Actual Situation

One of the great debates of modern training is how to maintain high levels of performance in conditions that challenge the biological laws that regulate the body and, fundamentally, its homeostasis.
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One of the great debates of modern training is how to maintain high levels of performance in conditions that challenge the biological laws that regulate the body and, fundamentally, its homeostasis.

It is obvious that to withstand such magnitudes of effort and to assimilate them, absolutely scientific training structures must be used, but even so, it is still an overload that often pays a price with health or second-order alterations. Analyzing these indicators and relating them to the magnitudes of the effort intensities, it can be clearly seen that recovery and overcompensation times have been dramatically reduced.

Carrying out an analysis of the training and competition parameters it becomes remarkable that not only are orthodox means used in the preparation of elite athletes but that many of the achievements of today’s athletes are due in large part to the use of heterodox resources. These heterodox resources include, as one among many others (this is very important to highlight) doping substances.

What really happens?

During training, mechanical stress, muscle damage, and metabolic stress generate alterations in the integrity of the microfibrils.

This, which a priori seems something negative, is completely normal and if the recovery is adequate, the final result that will be obtained will be the super-compensation of the muscle fibers; that is, it will increase the cross-sectional area of ​​skeletal muscle.

This growth is regulated to a great extent by anabolic hormones such as testosterone (among many other factors), and in fact, the differences in relation to the amount of testosterone between men and women are responsible for the general amount of muscle mass that men possess is greater. Precisely, the steroids that some athletes inject are testosterone analogs.

By binding steroids to the DNA inside cells, the expression of genes that promote protein synthesis and decrease protein degradation increases, and since proteins are the only one of the three macronutrients that provide nitrogen to our body, and that this balance nitrogen must be positive for muscle fibers to grow,

So… are steroids good? or bad?

Each professional in the area has a particular point of view regarding the use of steroids. In the sport of bodybuilding they are very common, since as the experts have expressed, this does help, and a lot when it comes to the development of muscles and definition, the three specialists agree that the results are fast and effective.

It is true that they also mention that the use of these substances must be carried out and controlled by an expert in them. Steroids should never be self-medicated.

So are they good? or bad? Steroids were created in order to help the body recover from poor health conditions, however, someone noticed their benefits in sports, and in this way, they spread throughout all of them. These drugs help the human body in adequate doses, but like other things, excesses lead to consequences.

The decision to use them rests with the individual who decides to use them. There is a lot of ignorance about these substances and that is why there are many taboos in this regard. So if they are good or bad, that will depend on the use that the user gives the drug, the responsibility is yours and the person who supplies them.

Most commonly used anabolics

There are different kinds of steroids but most commonly used are orals and injectables. Orals are very easy to use while injectables might be an issue to deal with as a beginner. At later stages you will prefer injectables due to their benefits and milder side effects. Let’s first start with orals, the most popular ones are definitely Dianabol, Anavar and Clenbuterol. Dianabol is great if you want to experience increased muscle mass and weight gain, on the other hand, with Clenbuterol and Anavar you will get shredded like never before. Not all steroids are recommended for women, the ones we recommend are only clembuterol and anavar. Injectables such as testosterone, sustanon and deca durabolin and strictly for men. It is important to note that steroids can cause some side effects due to an incorrect usage. Higher doses doesnt mean faster results. Also try not to skip post cycle therapy as it can only help you. If you are interested in anabolic steroids, then we recommend this website that has steroids for sale

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