5 Reasons Why It’s Difficult to Get Away from the Party Lifestyle

When you hear the words “the party lifestyle,” you probably know what that means.

When you hear the words “the party lifestyle,” you probably know what that means. It brings to mind bottle service, giant frozen drinks, DJs spinning, and lights flashing. Maybe you think about recreational drug use, making it rain in strip clubs, and irresponsible, reckless behavior in general.

Why do people get into this lifestyle, and what makes them keep doing it? That’s not always the easiest question to answer. Let’s go over a few possible reasons why you might be a party addict.


Alcohol and the party lifestyle go hand in hand. One fuels the other. Maybe you started drinking:

  • At college parties
  • At high school parties
  • When you got a fake ID

Most people try alcohol at some point, and some start drinking heavily. That could continue throughout your high school and college days, and maybe after that.

You might not realize you’re an alcoholic, but if you can’t remember the last time you went a full day without drinking, that’s a dead giveaway. If you spend more time at the bar than you do at home, that’s another hint.

Of course, alcoholism is dangerous for what it can do to your body, and also if you drink and drive. For instance, in Texas, in 2018, 940 people died in drunk driving crashes.

If you’re addicted, though, maybe you can’t stop. Alcohol has you, and it won’t be easy to get away from it.

Drug Addiction

Drug use and the party lifestyle also match up well together. Maybe you like going to parties because that’s where you’ll find drugs like:

  • Cocaine
  • MDMA

Most people consider these to be party drugs, substances that make you feel social. You usually want to be around other people when you do them. If you’re an addict, you’ll find drugs where you find party people.

If you feel like you need to keep doing drugs, that’s the same as saying you need to keep partying. If you distance yourself from concerts, bars, DJs, raves, etc., you probably can’t find your drug of choice. Only when you break the habit or addiction can you get away from the party scene.

You Don’t Like Being Alone

Some people party because they don’t like to be by themselves. If you’re not this way yourself, you probably know someone who is.

These individuals are uncomfortable if they’re not in a crowd. They need music, bright lights, and constant conversation to feel alive. When they’re by themselves, they feel depressed or nervous.

Many times, these individuals have troubled backgrounds. It’s not a good thing if you can’t stand your own company, so you seek the party scene because it’s a welcome distraction.

These are the same people who must always be in a relationship. They latch onto the nearest available single person because they use other individuals to define their self-worth.

The Party Scene is How You Make Money

You might also rely on the party scene as a way to make your money. Maybe you’re a musician, a DJ, or a party promoter.

If so, that’s one of the healthiest reasons to stay close to the party scene. You need things like concerts, raves, and nightclub parties to make money to support yourself.

This is a more legitimate reason to stay close to the scene than a drug or alcohol addiction. However, the two are not mutually exclusive. You might make your money through parties, but still have a problem with alcohol or drugs.

It’s What Your Friends Do

One final reason you might be unable to shake loose from the party lifestyle is that it’s what your friends do, and they matter a lot to you. 

If you’re part of a tightly-knit group, and all your buddies love going to raves, concerts, and nightclubs, it’s hard to say no if you’re ready to move on and do something else with your life.

Peer pressure can be very strong. You might try telling your best friend or whoever leads the group that you’re ready to do something else, but they might laugh at you or shun you. You don’t want that, so you continue going along with them until you’re strong enough to break free.

There is nothing inherently wrong with parties, clubs, concerts, etc. They can be a lot of fun sometimes. However, you need to ask if you’re doing it for the right reasons. If you’re not, it’s time to reevaluate and make some changes.  

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