HVAC Installation Cost – What’s the Fair Price to Replace Your HVAC System in 2020

You get more benefits from a properly functioning HVAC system more than you would expect.
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You get more benefits from a properly functioning HVAC system more than you would expect. Despite being used to maintain the right temperature in your home, an HVAC unit can eliminate harmful microorganisms and allergens from the outside air. Therefore, with a functional system, you improve your building’s livability and enhance the residents’ quality of life and health. 

Just like any other unit, your heating and cooling system can break down, causing you a lot of inconveniences. Linda from Alco HVAC (https://alcohvac.com/) recommended that If you want to enjoy several benefits from your HVAC unit, it is advisable to inspect, maintain, and repair it regularly. Understanding the costs involved in replacing such systems can help you prepare for any replacement or new installations. 

Read on and gather more information about the cost of replacing your HVAC system in 2020.

Factors to Consider During HVAC Installation

Before you even start thinking about the cost of installation, you must understand the factors that may affect the prices. Here are a few:

Size of Your House

There are different sizes of central air conditioners. The size of your house will have an impact on the HVAC installation cost. The conditioner’s size comes in tons, but the conditioner’s weight does not influence this. 

A “ton” is usually the air a conditioner’s capacity can hold to provide enough cooling services to your house. You can use the tonnage to estimate the installation cost. For instance, every 400-600 square feet of floor space will require one ton. Therefore, if your house is around 3,000 square feet, you will need 5 tons of cooling unit.

Ductwork Installation

The installation of ductwork adds on to the total cost of installing your system. Most contractors avoid installing the ductwork to save on money and time.

You will need around $3,000 to install a brand new Mylar-sheathed flex ductwork. If you are surprised it is too expensive, you need to know that the installation process is labor-intensive and requires several days to finish. 

When looking for an AC installation quote, ensure that you find out whether or not your ductwork needs replacement too. 

Equipment Brand

HVAC systems are available in different brands. Whereas they are all reliable, the prices differ significantly depending on various elements, such as quality and longevity. For instance, it will cost you between $800 and $2,500 to buy and install a Carrier HVAC unit compared to the Goodman system.

Lennox brand is quite expensive, and its logistics chain makes it challenging to find their repair parts. The brand you choose for your unit will have an enormous impact on your overall installation cost. Understanding each of the brands will help you settle for a more affordable but durable option.

Project Difficulty

How challenging the project will influence the installation cost. For instance, the cost of installing the system will be significantly lower in a small and easily accessible attic compared to where you need to ensure that the new unit matches the existing features of a historic home. Also, the price will be by the number of fabricated parts necessary for a complete installation.

HVAC Installation Cost 

Now that you know the factors that will affect your AC’s installation cost let’s dive into the price ranges. 

Change-Out Installation: A change-out installation is a day’s work that might cost you around $6,000-8,800. It is worth noting that this price will be affected significantly by the factors listed above, specifically the brand of equipment chosen. 

It is necessary to be vigilant when going for change-outs, though. In most cases, your contractor may overlook the ductwork. Only opt for a change-out of your ductwork is in perfect condition.

Full Replacement: Your contractor will need 3-5 days to carry out a complete AC system replacement, which might cost you between $9,200 and $12,300. If you include the ductwork, the cost will increase by up to $3,000 and take you another two days to complete the work. 

Full installation with added features: You are not limited when it comes to the number of features you can add in your AC unit as long as they increase your system’s efficiency. 

Adding more features to your unit will come at an increased cost and labor. For instance, you will need around a week and $13,100 to $17,000 for full HVAC installation with added features.

Engage a Reputable Contractor for Your HVAC Installation 

There you have it – a complete guide on AC system replacement cost. You cannot run away from the need to install a heating and cooling system in your home. So, brace yourself for the cost involved.

Carrying out a thorough research on the cost of the brand of equipment and understanding how much work is needed can help you estimate your AC’s installation cost. Above all, engaging a reputable HVAC contractor will go a long way into saving on your air conditioner replacement cost because they will do quality work!

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